How to Find Federal Government Documents at OCC Library

There are a variety of ways to find government documents. One way is to use the Online Catalog to locate items within the Ocean County College Library.

1. Use the Catalog

Many relevant Gov Docs are cataloged and placed in the regular collection of the library. Select Gov Docs from the first dropdown menu in the catalog to exclusively search that collection.

2. Use the US Government Publications Catalog

From the GPO catalog, you can search for items not available here at OCC.

3. Understand How the Upstairs Government Documents Area is Arranged

The Gov Docs located upstairs are NOT classified the same way as the other books in the library catalog. These items are arranged according to the Superintendent of Documents classification system (SuDoc).

SuDoc is very different from the Dewey Decimal system, which is how the rest of the library is arranged.

First of all, a SuDoc number begins with a letter or series of letters. Like so:

Image showing the SuDoc number C 61. 34:987. The Cis for the Commerce Department, the 61 for a bureau within the agency, the 34 identifies the title and 987 is for the year: 1987

Second - SuDoc is NOT a decimal system like Dewey. So the numbering might be a bit different from what you're used to.

Dewey Example in order SuDoc Example in order
342.34 C 61.34: 987
342.347 C 61.64: 999
342.64 C 61.347: 2000
342.642 C 61.642: 2001
NJ Documents section

New Jersey Documents have their own separate section upstairs. Unlike the Federal Documents, there is no fancy numbering system for them. Instead, they are divided up by subject words and placed alphabetically according to subject.

4. Finding Government Documents on the Internet

To search only government websites, enter after your search term. This will limit results to information found on official government sites.