Cultural Awareness

Arabic Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote the appreciation of the Arabic culture through educational and social activities such as film showing, lectures, visits to museums, and teaching Arabic text.

East Asian Student Alliance

The purpose of this club is to develop the cultural understanding of the East Asian students and their societies.

French Club

This organization is dedicated to the promotion of French culture and information about France and French-speaking countries. In recent years, it has offered such diverse educational events as live recitals of French and Canadian Chansons, bus trips to art museums, lectures on art and literature, student reports on life in France, film showings, and dinners prepared according to French recipes.

Organization for Black Unity (OBU)

The Organization for Black Unity seeks to promote a feeling of cultural awareness for its members through programs of education, culture, and community relations.

SALSA (Student Alliance for Latino Solidarity/ Achievement)

SALSA is devoted to promoting awareness of the rich cultural diversity which is encompassed by the terms Latino

Sign Language Society (ITP)

Promotes interest and awareness in deaf culture and society through the use of American Sign Language. Also, to provide greater opportunities for Interpreter Training Program students to network and improve signing skills.