Sheet music

Ballroom Dancing Club

The purpose of this club is to provide students the unique opportunity to learn, practice, participate in, and ultimately enjoy ballroom dancing in an optimistic, amiable, and encouraging atmosphere

Concert Band 

The OCC Concert Band is organized for the purpose of providing students with the opportunity to perform under professional direction. As a result of this process, instrumental musical performance are offered to the college community on a regular basis.

Dance Club

The purpose of the OCC Dance Club is to promote the art and performance of dance. Club activities include the production of two annual dance recitals and attendance of the performances and master classes that are offered in the Ocean and Monmouth County areas. These activities give members an opportunity to enhance their dance abilities and to learn the processes involved in the production, rehearsal and performance of a dance show.

Music Club

The purpose of this club is to allow students to gain experience and feel more comfortable performing(informally as well as formally)in front of others.  Club members will share and gain new ideas in performance and composition through constructive review and critique.  The club creates opportunities for OCC musicians to collaborate and perform together, and to experience and appreciate many types of music.

Speech & Theater Club

This club provides students with a forum to hone their skills in Public Speaking and/or in Acting, Directing, Playwriting, and Technical Theatre.

Studio Theater

This is an all student theatre company that produces all student performances of one-act plays as well as standard theatrical offerings.