Anime Club

The purpose of this club is to foster interest in Japanese animation, manga, and related movies and video games.

Athletic Club

The purpose of this club is to introduce students to the athletic world, promote diversity and friendship on and off the field, in and out of the classroom.  We promote a healthy lifestyle and friendships through sports.

Camera Club

The purpose of this organization is to share information on creative photography. The club sponsors lectures and field trips which are designed to increase awareness of techniques of photography and film processing.

Cheerleading/Spirit Club

Purpose is to promote OCC spirit, maintain and develop members' cheerleading skills and techniques, and to represent the college in the community and at school events. Learn more about our Cheerleading/Spirit Club...

Chess/ Strategic Games Club

The purpose of this club is to stimulate creative thought and strategic processes through the use of games. A variety of techniques are discussed and applied to a diversity of games played. Members gain insight into operations and conditions of games while acquiring knowledge of a vast array of strategies.

Field Hockey Club

The purpose of this club is to provide interested OCC students with the knowledge and skills required to play field hockey, and to motivate students to become active and involved in the OCC community.

Gamers Club

This club allows students to relax, discuss, and compete in all types of games.  It builds friendly rivalries and new friendships among students of OCC.

Ice Hockey

The purpose of this club is to allow interested OCC students the opportunity to play ice hockey.

Interclub Council


Judo Club

This club intends to introduce students to basic Judo fundamentals including break falling methods, elementary judo techniques, and their practical application; as well as basic introduction to competitive technique.

Makers Club

This club has been created to stimulate creativity and cooperation in a productive environment with an emphasis on interdisciplinary exchange of skills.

Motion Picture Club

The purpose of this club is to see how film influences American society. Students will watch movies and discuss how they ultimately affect our society.

Running Club

The running club exists to promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle; to develop a positive atmosphere where students can learn and work together; to further the relationship between the campus and the community.

Sailing Club/Sailing Team

The only two-year college sailing program in the Northeast! OCC's Intercollegiate Sailing Team is top ranked in New Jersey and competes against schools such as Georgetown, Navy, MIT, Princeton, King's Point (US Merchant Marine Academy), University of Maryland, SUNY Maritime, and Penn State. Men and women race together. No sailing experience is necessary to crew. Learn more about our Sailing Club/Sailing Team...

Student Activities Board

Students participating on this board are responsible for the development and implementation of programs which provide a variety of social, educational, recreational, and cultural experiences outside of the classroom.  Entertainment, in the form of musical, comedy or other presentations and the annual spring dinner dance are planned by the students on this board.