Make a Donation

The Ocean County College sailing program is in its infancy. We are beginning our quest to be recognized as one of the finest sailing teams in the East. We are hoping to acquired many vessels, both motor and sail.


The vessels donated will be used by the students and staff for training, racing and recreation. After a period of time some of the boats will be sold and the revenues received will be used to to support the sailing program and other needs of the College.

Sailing vessels are used to teach the students the elements of yacht racing as well as sailing and seamanship, while the powerboats enhance the students' knowledge of engineering, maintenance, ship-handling and navigation.

Donation Procedure

  1. The initial step is to phone or write a letter to the Office of Student Life expressing the intent to donate a boat.
  2. A staff member of the Office of Student Life will arrange to meet with you and discuss the donation.
  3. Obtain at least one appraisal from a qualified surveyor to establish the vessel's value for tax deduction purposes.
  4. Execute a simple Deed of Gift. The Office of Student Life can assist you or your attorney with the form.
  5. The Office of Student Life will take delivery and accomplish all transaction details and transfers.

Choosing the best way to give is an important decision that requires a great deal of thought. We can help design a gift opportunity that best suits your needs and at the same time benefits the college and its students.

Please contact the Office of Student Life to explore the most advantageous ways of giving to Ocean County College. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.