Testing Center TEAS Procedures

Testing Center TEAS Procedures
Effective January 2016

TEAS Testing guidelines set forth by the School of Nursing and Health Sciences are as follows:

  • Students must take and pass the ATI TEAS test in order to receive a date of completion.
  • It is recommended that students take the ATI TEAS test when they are finished with their general education requirements.
  • Students can take the TEAS test a maximum of three (3) times:
    • Initial test:  First time
      • Students can purchase the ATI TEAS test study guide at the College book store;
    • Retest 1:  Students are required to enroll in (and complete) the TEAS Prep course CEHS-332 prior to taking the test a second time;
    • Retest 2:  Students have a mandatory 6-week waiting period prior to taking the test for the third time.
  • There is a mandatory 2-year waiting period for students to test again if they fail three (3) times.  This includes testing which may have occurred at other testing sites for all program types.
  • These guidelines apply to all prospective OCC Nursing students.
  • We will only accept TEAS scores for tests taken at OCC.  Students cannot transfer in TEAS scores from other testing facilities.
  • A passing score is based on the student cut score.  This score is set by the School of Nursing and Health Sciences and can be changed without notification.

It is the responsibility of the Testing Center to ensure all students adhere to these guidelines.

The Testing Center offers TEAS tests on Wednesdays at 4:00PM and on Fridays at 9:00AM.  We can seat up to 14 students per session.

  • EFFECTIVE JANUARY 4, 2016, the fee for this test is $98.50, payable at the time of test registration by credit or debit card; two forms of ID required—one current, valid photo ID and one to verify signature.
  • Space limitations, computer availability and TEAS administration processes prevent us from expanding our TEAS testing schedule at this time.
    • The Testing Center reserves the right to change this schedule at any time in order to best meet the needs of the entire college community.
  • Students need to schedule online for TEAS testing at least 48 hours in advance using our online test registration tool at go.ocean.edu/test.
    • We cannot accept walk-ins for TEAS tests.
    • We cannot offer stand-by appointments.
  • We do not have the capacity to keep a waiting list, and we cannot call students to notify them about openings as a result of cancellations.  
    • Students are welcome to check online for cancellations.

When a student schedules an appointment, the Testing Center will:

  1. Look-up the Datatel records for the student to verify the following information:
    1. the student is in the system as an OCC student;
    2. the student’s testing status:  first time or retest (check for any prior scores);
    3. for first retest (second attempt), enrollment in and completion of TEAS Prep course (CEHS-332);
    4. for third attempt, completion of TEAS Prep course and the 6-week mandatory waiting period following the second attempt;
    5. verify the two year waiting period is fulfilled before scheduling any students who have already tested three times.
  2. If any of the requirements in No. 1 above are not met, we will cancel the appointment and notify the student.