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Early College

For Arborbrook Christian Academy Students

2024SPE: Spring Courses Available at Arborbrook Christian Academy

HS Course Title  OCC Course Title  Course Code Section Instructor  Credits  Pre-Reqs
Intro to Sociology Intro to Sociology SOCI-181 AB1 Andrew Zawacki 3
English II English II ENGL-152 AB1 Deirdre Mumpower 3 ENGL-151
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Human Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL-130 AB1 Jackie Hovious 4
Macroeconomics Principles Macroeconomics Principles ECON-151 AB1 Melody Shearer 3
US History from 1877 US History from 1877 HIST-174 AB1 Jillian Mitchell 3
Elementary Spanish II Elementary Spanish II SPAN-152 AB1 Margaret Harris 3 SPAN-151

Once you have completed your self-registration on Ocean Connect, your parent/guardian is required to complete the Parental Consent Form. This form is required for all high school students to secure their OCC courses.


Contact the HUB at 732-255-0482 or

For more information, please visit the Early College For High School Students page.

Need to Know

  • Deadlines

    24SPE Spring Semester Registration: 02/29/2024

    Early College Foundation Grant: 03/08/2024

  • Add/Drop Period
    Drop a class prior to March 7: 100% refund
    Drop a class after March 7: No refund
    Withdrawal deadline: 6/17/24 (W on transcript)
    Refund Policy
  • Costs & Textbooks

    • $110.00 per credit (*plus any applicable course fees)
    • Textbooks will be provided by and billed through your high school
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