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Early College

For Jackson Liberty High School Students

Spring Courses Available at Jackson Liberty High School

HS Course Title OCC Course Title Course Description  Course Code Section Teacher Pre-Reqs
Digital Video 2 Television Studio Production Video is a powerful medium; it is used today to educate, inform, and inspire. This course will introduce students to the process of producing video for various purposes and for delivery on various content platforms. Demonstrations of and regular practice on studio equipment highlight the students learning experience in this class. Code 5 course fee. COEM-120 JL1 Harry Ferone
HS Course Title OCC Course Title Course Description  Course Code Section Teacher Pre-Reqs
Honors Physics Physics I This course is an algebra/trigonometry-based course on the fundamental concepts of mechanics, fluids, and thermodynamics. The course begins with an introduction to the nature of measurement, scalars, vector arithmetic, and one- and two-dimensional kinematics, continuing on to discuss Newton’s laws of motion, energy, and momentum, universal gravitation, with an introduction to the elastic properties of materials. Static and dynamic systems are studied, in the context of both translational and rotational motion. Further topics include fluid statics and dynamics, ideal gases, heat and temperature, the laws of thermodynamics, entropy, and heat engines. Code 5 course fee. PHYS-171 JL1 Justin Siering MATH 161 or higher – or test out – AAF score min 260


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  • Deadlines

    Please look out for Fall 2023 Deadlines and courses soon

  • Costs & Textbooks

    • $110.00 per credit (*plus any applicable course fees)
    • Textbooks included at no additional cost
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