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Early College

For OCVTS Toms River High School Students

Fall Courses Available at OCVTS Toms River High School

Once you have completed your self-registration on Ocean Connect, your parent/guardian is required to complete the Parental Consent Form. This form is required for all high school students to secure their OCC courses.

 HS Course Title OCC Course Title Course Description  Course Code Section Teacher Pre-Reqs
Programming I Programming I
This course introduces the student to the fundamental techniques used in the development of software applications. The course teaches object-oriented programming concepts and principles using Java employing an interactive visual system interface. Students will learn good object-oriented practices through the development of graphic programs and simulations using sound object-oriented practices in an integrated and interactive software development environment. The topics covered include classes, objects, object interaction, algorithms, data types, control structures, one-dimensional arrays, attributes, methods, and messages. Working knowledge of windows required. Open lab time required.
CSIT-165 U1 Lesley Potts-Langdon

Spring Courses Available Soon!


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For more information, please visit the Early College For High School Students page.

Need to Know

  • Costs & Textbooks

    • $110.00 per credit (*plus any applicable course fees)
    • Textbooks will be provided by your district at no additional cost
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