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March 28, 2016

Dr. Larson’s March 2016 Report to The Board of Trustees

OCC president Dr. Larson

Academic Affairs

  • e-Learning and Learning Enterprises
    • New Partnerships

The e-Learning and Learning Enterprises area recently established a new partnership with Mission United, a subdivision of United Way.  Mission United is an organization supporting veterans and their families by helping them to re-acclimate to civilian life, supporting veteran empowerment, and promoting their self-sufficiency.  Its services are free to veterans and focus on six key areas:

    • Employment and Career Development
    • Education – Including Mentorship
    • Health – Accessing Health Care after Active Duty
    • Legal Assistance
    • Financial Services – Budget Counseling and Short-Term Assistance
    • Housing – Eliminating Homelessness

Through a partnership pathway, Mission United will direct veterans to OCC relative to the Education and Mentorship component of its mission.  OCC’s Veterans Affairs Office will be instrumental in ensuring that these veteran-students are supported in pursuit of their education.  Mission United will provide the mentorship aspect as both OCC and Mission United work together collaboratively to support our veterans.

Additionally, OCC has completed negotiating the terms of a new contract with Ahram Canadian University (Cairo, Egypt).  Once signed and approved (anticipated by the end of the month), OCC will begin a train-the-trainer model leading toward a Bridge program enabling students of Ahram Canadian to matriculate to United States-based graduate degree programs.  This Bridge program will focus on the language skills of reading, writing, and speaking, as well as academic success initiatives.

    • Other Projects

The e-Learning and Learning Enterprises team is currently working with Academic Affairs to enhance the College’s awareness of all partnership and articulation agreements.  Working to develop a new website are Mr. Jeff Harmon, Associate Vice President of e-Learning and Learning Enterprises; Ms. Sabrina Mathues, Director of Off-Campus Programs; Ms. Maureen Conlon, Assistant Director of Web Services; and Ms. Tara Huff, Instructional Designer and Web Developer.  This website will proudly display and provide ease of access to and understanding of OCC’s articulation and partnership programs that afford students a myriad of opportunities, including but not limited to Kean Ocean, NJIT, and Temple University.  This webpage will be instrumental in the College’s marketing plan for local and distance learning students.

  • School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
    • During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Curriculum Review Committee is assessing all science and technology courses that are currently included in the College’s inventory.  Simultaneously, all General Education science and technology courses are being reviewed by the New Jersey Council of County Colleges to affirm General Education designation.  Based on the College’s recent submission in both categories, all OCC science and technology courses have been approved.
    • The OCC Chapter of the Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges in New Jersey held a mathematics competition on February 25.  Professor of Mathematics Yuan Xu coordinated the competition, and this semester over 30 students participated.  The top scoring students will receive certificates to be use in the Bookstore.
    • Dr. Angel Camilo, College Lecturer II of Biology, and Mr. Edmond Hong, College Lecturer II of Computer Studies, presented a hands-on session to over 100 students from 18 high schools in Ocean and Monmouth Counties at the IEEE-Neptune High School Mini-Engineering Academy on February 24.  The session was on electronic circuits using Circuit Scribe kits.  OCC students Frances Ball, Brandon Jacobs, and Jovi Bandoy from the Computer Science and Makers Clubs assisted.  Dr. Camilo and Mr. Hong have been asked to participate with a follow-up event to train high school teachers on using the Circuit Scribe kits.  Representatives from Toms River and Manchester Schools who were in attendance indicated they would like to partner with OCC for STEM-related activities for high school students.
    • Professor of Science Eric Antonelli and Dr. Angel Camilo were selected to present at the night session for NJEdge at Stevens Institute of Technology on March 23.  They presented on the use of cell phone digital media in science laboratories.
    • At the Health Occupations Students of America New Jersey State Conference on March 5 and 6 at Gloucester County Institute of Technology, six OCC students competed against students from other New Jersey two- and four-year institutions.  OCC had two first-place winners (placing higher than Rutgers and NJIT) as well as a recipient of the Barbara James Service Award-Bronze Level.  Steven Jones won first place in Biomedical Laboratory Science, Christina Fichner won first place in Job-Seeking Skills, and Adrienne Merchant received the Barbara James Service Award for having over 160 hours of community service in the health field.
  • New Programs
    • Summer @ the Beach – Five courses will be offered in the First Five-Week Summer Session beginning on May 23 and ending June 28.  The classes will be held in Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island and in Seaside Park in the morning.  The courses will be offered as traditional face-to-face courses, but only two or three times a week, or as hybrid courses.  The goal of this program is to recruit a new segment of the summer population.  Seasonal residents and seasonal employees may find these general education courses to be beneficial.
  • Southern Education Center
    • Mr. Jeff Kurz, Supervisor of Student Services at the Southern Regional Center, was recognized at the Regional National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Conference, held from March 16 to 18 in Maryland, for excellence in academic advising.  NACADA is the Global Community for Academic Advising and is an international professional association that includes advisors, administrators, faculty, and other student and academic affairs professionals.  Mr. Kurz is one of only two recipients in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the Certificate of Merit Award in the new advisor category.  The receipt of this award is a testament to the efforts of Mr. Kurz and all of the Southern Education Center faculty and staff in creating the type of environment and culture that allows excellence to flourish and be recognized.
    • Ms. Sarah Campbell, Psychology and ACAD Adjunct Faculty Member who teaches both distance learning courses and at the Southern Education Center, recently earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Education from Capella University.
  • STEM Academy
    • On March 10, OCC sponsored a STEM Day with 65 junior chemistry students from Toms River South High School.  This group had previously participated in a kickoff STEM event with the Liberty Science Center as well as a series of four chemistry workshops provided by College Lecturer II of Chemistry Vijay Ramdeen.  The day began with a welcome breakfast that included Toms River Superintendent, Dr. David Healy; Assistant Superintendent Marc Natanagara; Assistant Superintendent John Coleman; and Principal James Ricotta.  The students had an opportunity to participate in two of the following four workshops:
        • Advanced Manufacturing – Mechatronics – A mobile trailer was on campus that was outfitted with training equipment for automated manufacturing, electronics, radio communications, robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and water filtration.  Explanations and demonstrations were performed for each training item.
        • Crime Scene/Forensics – The former Student Life Office in the College Center was used as a crime scene from a terrorist attack.  Imitation pipe bombs, firearms, blood, foot prints, laptop computers, and back packs were used for students to investigate; they needed to ensure the security of the crime scene and collect evidence for processing in a chemistry laboratory.
        • Physiology/Acid Stomach – Students explored acids, bases, and pH in a chemistry laboratory to investigate what is needed to digest different types of aspirin and how each type breaks down depending on pH within the stomach.
        • Light Spectrum – Students explored electronics and magnetism.  They also viewed a movie in the Planetarium on cosmic light and astronomy.

      During their visit, the students had an opportunity to experience college life and enjoyed taking photos with the OCC Viking mascot, Vidar.

      The event culminated with a luncheon in the Jon and Judith Larson Student Center that was attended by representatives from the Investors Bank Foundation, including Ms. Sandy Broughton, Vice President of Community Development; Ms. Cindy Dundas, Market Manager; and Ms. Cheryl Macera, Branch Manager.

  • College Readiness Now

The College Readiness Now program is a collaboration between Ocean County College and Ocean County high school districts.  The purpose of the program is to help junior and senior students achieve college and career readiness skills.  OCC is currently working with its third cohort of students:

  • Cohort 1 was a pilot with three Ocean County high schools, Toms River East, North, and South.  There were 61 students involved in the program; of the 61 students, 49 or 80% are currently registered as OCC students.
  • Cohort 2 expanded collaboration from three to seven schools.  There were 413 students involved in the program, 44 of whom were seniors.  Of the 44 seniors, 33 or 75% are currently registered as OCC students.  The remaining 369 students will be graduating in June 2016.  Registration data will be reviewed in Fall 2016 to determine how many of those 369 students registered at OCC.
  • This year, Cohort 3 has further expanded the program from 7 to 11 high schools, with 551 students involved.  The data for this cohort follows:
High School Students Tested Achieved OCC Math Placement Achieved OCC English
High School
Graduation Requirement Math
Achieved High School Graduation Requirement English # of Times Accuplacer Has Been Administered 2015-2016
Central Regional 50 0
Jackson Liberty 51 3 1 3 7 2
Jackson Memorial 46 7 0 7 7 2
Lakewood 44 3 0 3 2 1
Lacey 91 6 0 6 7 1
Manchester 73 13 4 13 22 2
New Egypt 35 6 0 6 3 1
Point Beach 3 2 0 2 1 1
Toms River East 53 4 2 4 10 1
Toms River North 65 9 3 9 10 1
Toms River South 40 6 1 6 4 1
Total 551 59 11 59 73 13

Dr. Henry Jackson, College Lecturer II, Academic Skills, will provide a brief presentation on the College Readiness Now program at Monday’s meeting.

Student Affairs

  • The New Jersey Council of County Colleges led teams of students, presidents, and trustees from the 19 New Jersey community colleges to the Statehouse in Trenton on Monday, March 14.  Student Lobbying Day gave students the opportunity to meet one-on-one and talk with New Jersey legislators.  In addition, the students visited and observed Senate and Assembly general sessions.

Students who attended Student Lobbying Day with Ms. Jennifer Fazio, Director of Student Life, were:  Daniel Moran, Elizabeth Reyes, Samantha Toll, Evan Castle, Andrew Artiles, Leticia Adames, and Steven Jones.  Ms. Fazio will be accompanied by Student Government President Daniel Moran and Students Learning about Politics President Evan Castle at the Board meeting on Monday to discuss Student Lobbying Day.

    • Student Planning

The Advising Office completed a student survey to gauge use of and satisfaction with Student Planning, with much appreciated assistance from Mr. Rob Marchie, College Lecturer II of History; Ms. Erica Carboy, College Lecturer II of English; Mr. Chris Bottomley, College Lecturer II of Business; Mr. Jason Ghibesi, College Lecturer II of Political Science and History; and Ms. Lynn Kraemer-Siracusa, Assistant Professor of English.  The Advising Office will be using this feedback as it continues to monitor and improve Student Planning.

In total, 358 students were surveyed.  The results of the survey follow:

  • Question: Have you viewed the My Progress screen on Student Planning to determine the courses you need to take?  Yes: 80% (288 students), No: 20% (70 students)
  • Question: Have you used Student Planning to search and/or register for courses?
    Yes: 78% (280 students), No: 22% (78 students)
  • Question: Have you used Student Planning to plan courses for future semesters? Yes: 56% (201 students), No: 44% (157 students)
  • Question: Did you find Student Planning easy to understand and use?Yes, I thought it was very easy to understand and use:  45% (161 students)Somewhat, I was able to figure it out, but it took some time:  37% (132 students)No, I thought it was very confusing:  3% (10 students)I haven’t used Student Planning:  15% (55 students)

  • Proactive Advising

The Advising Office reached out to first-time, full-time students who registered late for the Spring 2016 semester.  Because these students missed Orientation, they missed some important information given to the majority of new students.  The Office contacted these students to ask if they are encountering any problems or have any questions and to schedule advising appointments as needed.

In total, the Office personally contacted 32 students.  An advisor spoke on the phone with 11 students (34%) and left a voicemail and/or email for 17 students (53%).  Four students (13%) are no longer enrolled this spring.

  • Transfer Programming

College representatives are eager to meet with OCC students to discuss transfer.  This semester, the Advising Office hosted visits from the following universities:  Rowan, Rider, Wilmington, William Paterson, Seton Hall, Valley Forge, Penn State (Harrisburg Campus), and Kean’s Online Division.

The Advising Office also hosted a number of Instant Decision Days (IDD) in February and March. The college representatives were happy with OCC’s students, and the representatives were interested in returning for other future events.

  • NJIT – Eight students attended and all were accepted.
  • William Paterson University – Five students attended; four students were accepted, and one was able to discuss his major before applying.
  • Seton Hall University – Three students attended and all were accepted.
  • Rowan University – Nine students attended; seven students were accepted, and two students requested information about the college programs for the future.
  • Stockton University – Thirty-five students attended and all were accepted; Stockton also participated in an IDD at the Southern Education Center – Ten students applied and all ten were accepted.
  • Montclair State University – Sixteen students attended and all were accepted.

Additional colleges will be joining us in March, including Fairleigh Dickinson University and Monmouth University.  OCC students benefit from the ability to speak with university admissions representatives individually, and the admission process is often quick and easy.

Finance and Administration

  • Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers Workshop

Ms. Sara Winchester, Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration, attended the annual Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers workshop in Boston on March 10 and 11.  Ms. Winchester, along with Mr. Manal A. Meseha, Director of Accounting at Sussex County Community College, presented a session entitled, “Building Win/Win e-Learning Partnerships.”  The session focused on the relationship between OCC and Sussex in which Sussex uses OCC’s master courses and technology.  The session was well received and corresponded with the conference theme of using collaboration and creativity to increase revenue.

  • New Jersey Council of County Colleges’ Presidents Meeting

On March 7, Ms. Winchester and I attended the New Jersey Council of County Colleges’ Presidents meeting held at Essex County College to discuss the Ellucian Cloud project.  The Presidents in attendance were receptive to the concept of a sector-wide Data Governance Committee, which would determine the scope of the future cloud system.  The discussion with the community college Presidents will continue at the May meeting at which representatives from Ellucian will describe the project in greater detail.

  • Ocean County Vocational-Technical School Performing Arts Academy

Discussions about possibly relocating the Ocean County Vocational-Technical School Performing Arts Academy (PAA) to the OCC campus have continued to advance.  Ms. Winchester and I met with officials from the Ocean County Vocational-Technical School and the Ocean County Freeholders to develop a potential funding model that includes contributions from the State, Ocean County, the College, and private donors.  The funding will support a high school building that will house the PAA as an Early College Program.  All parties are excited about the concept of Early College that would allow PAA high school students to graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree at the same time.  I will keep you informed as the discussions progress.

  • College Relations
    • On Monday, Mr. Ralph Bertini, Television Production Director/Producer of Ocean TV 20, will show a short video that is currently playing in Lacey High School.  Lacey has been the College’s test site for this pilot program; as we produce more informational spots, they will be distributed to all Ocean County high schools.  The intent is to have the spots played during morning announcements or on municipal channels, which Lacey does.  As an added bonus, the video is played before and after the school’s athletic broadcasts when parents are likely to be watching.
    • Nineteen Donovan Catholic High School students participated in a video workshop conducted by Mr. Lee Kobus, College Lecturer II of Humanities and Fine Arts.  The students were taught the basics of the new ADOBE video editing software, took a tour of the TV Studio, and visited the Larson Student Center.  The students received OCC welcome bags, and all 19 students completed contact cards.  Both Lacey and Donovan Catholic high schools have requested future workshops, which will be held in the TV Studio where the students will learn TV studio lighting techniques.
    • Work continues on the Ocean County Prosecutor’s anti-drug media campaign.  Auditions to appear in the TV spots were held on March 7 and 8 in the Black Box Theatre with Lecturer II Paul Chalakani’s theatre classes.  The students gained valuable experience in a real world situation.  Representatives from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office were present, and approximately 20 students auditioned. The first message delivers insight into the growing heroin addiction problem in Ocean County.  When completed, the spots will air on Ocean TV 20, the Prosecutor’s website, Facebook, and high school TV channels.  In addition, a TV station ID was produced with Mr. Joe Coronato, Ocean County Prosecutor, and is currently running on Ocean TV 20.  The process will continue with various law enforcement, EMT, and fire department members.
    • From March 7 to 11, the Ellucian grants team was welcomed on campus for a week of strategic planning with a focus on grants development by STEM faculty.  The deliverables from this visit will be presented to the President’s Leadership Team (PLT) with specific funding recommendations for various departments and schools that align with PLT’s approved funding priorities.  To support the College’s efforts to increase grants research and submissions, the Grants Office updated the procedures appended to the OCC Grants Policy and established a Grants Development and Management Handbook for college-wide reference.  These documents will be included on the Staff and Faculty Intranet Portal Grants Information webpages.
    • On March 23, OCC held the Sixth Annual Senior Living Expo.  This event was sponsored by Community Medical Center Barnabas Heath, AAA Mid-Atlantic, New Jersey Natural Gas, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.  The event showcased over 70 community vendors from various industries across the county and attracted 600 attendees.  Various OCC departments, such as Continuing and Professional Education, the Grunin Center, Planetarium, and Human Resources were also actively involved and featured at the event to engage with a large representation of the Ocean County community and to share information about the diverse opportunities, events, and activities available at Ocean County College.
  • Facilities

For the last few years, the Facilities Management Team has held an annual All-Staff meeting.  This years’ meeting was held on March 16 and included all facilities, mail services, and C&W Services (formally DTZ Custodial Services) staff.  The meeting engages the staff to become more involved and gives them a feeling of acknowledgement for the work they accomplish for the campus.

Mr. Matthew Kennedy, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management and Construction, opened the discussion on the topic of “Professional Development.”   Meaningful and challenging tools will be implemented to build a clear understanding of objectives and expectations as well as to provide feedback between the employees and their supervisors for a more harmonious environment.

  • Human Resources
    • The I-9 process for new employees has been migrated to an electronic, paperless format.  The I-9 form verifies the identity and authorization of individuals hired for employment.  Ms. Jackie D’Amore, Human Resources Specialist, and Ms. Linda Pagnotta, Confidential Human Resources Technician, have received training from Equifax to initiate electronic transmittal of I-9 forms to Human Resources.  This training has also been undertaken by Human Resources staff, and an internal procedure has been developed.  On February 26, the I-9 link to the Equifax site was added to the New Employee Toolkit on the HR Ocean Connect site.   Auditing will continue for the next two months to ensure that entries are accurate and any outstanding issues are resolved.
    • A luncheon honoring the recipients of the President’s Awards for Excellence was held in the Larson Student Center on March 18.  The awardees, Mr. Ralph Bertini, Ms. Mary Lancaster, Director of Financial Reporting, and Ms. Pat Chirco, Assistant Buyer, were treated to pizza and cake with the President’s Leadership Team.  This event is in keeping with the new strategic plan, specifically Strategy Five: Create a Challenging, Supportive Work Environment, and it was well received by all.
  • Continuing and Professional Education
    • New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) has issued Guidelines for Reporting of Credentialed Programs.   Ms. Pat Fenn, Assistant Vice President of Continuing and Professional Education and Workforce Development, is working with the New Jersey LWD to ensure that OCC will be compliant with the new legislation governing participant reporting requirements, which will be effective July 1.  New Jersey CPE Directors are actively monitoring and participating in this endeavor.
    • Continuing and Professional Education allied health programs are continuing to provide professional development opportunities and contact hours required for maintaining credentials and licenses.  Health care professionals who benefit include nurses, massage therapists, home health aides, social workers, and yoga instructors.
    • Mr. Michael Forcella, Manager of Business Engagement, continues to be actively involved in the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JBMDL) programs, which allows for the dissemination of Customized Training/Workforce Development materials and provides the opportunity to strengthen relationships.  Ms. Fenn and Mr. Forcella met with Ms. Judie Marranco, Chief Education and Training Officer at JBMDL, to leverage OCC’s offerings to military staff and dependents.

Customized Training continues to work with McDonald’s Corporate in servicing its franchises with English as a Second Language (ESL) training through the New Jersey Business and Industry Association/Coalition 19 Grant.  Other opportunities are continually pursued to expand our relationship beyond the grant funding limits to increase revenue.   In addition, Customized Training continues to offer the Ready-to-Work Workshops for unemployed workers through the grant and Coalition 19.

  • Camps/Youth/Community Programs catalogs have arrived and are being distributed throughout campus and to realtors’ offices, local businesses, and past program participants.  Ms. Kerry Holzschuh, Part-Time Camp and Youth Coordinator, attended marketing training hosted by Black Rocket Productions that featured methods to create a successful and profitable Kids’ Camp program.
  • The Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts
    • Highlights from March performances :
    • De Temps Antan, March 4, 2016:  This successful concert was made possible with a grant from Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and the Quebec Consulate from New York City.  The Director of Cultural Services Jean-Pierre Dion provided Quebec beer, cheese, and chocolate at a pre-show reception.  At this reception, many leaders in Ocean County and Toms River were able to connect with Mr. Dion to talk about future collaborations.  Patrons who attended the performance were treated to French-Canadian Celtic music.  Ms. Heather Garrett from the Salvation Army stated that many of the seniors from her organization were extremely impressed with the performance.
    • Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus, March 5, 2016:  Bringing in the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus provided the opportunity to reach a broader community audience with this diverse programming.  The performance was well received, and the wide repertoire for this program kept everyone engaged.
    • Rave On, March 19, 2016:  This group attracted all ages to its performance; it was a show for all generations, giving grandparents the opportunity to share music of their youth with their grandchildren.  Many students who have studied Rock history were interested in this performance.
    • Aaron Neville, March 18, 2016:  A total of 358 persons attended this wonderful concert.  Mr. Neville shared stories of his childhood intermixed with the songs that shaped his musical tastes.  Mr. Neville spoke highly of the professionalism of the Grunin Center staff and the overwhelming response from the audience.
  • Upcoming events include:
    • ABT Studio          April 1            8:00 p.m.
    • I am Ireland         April 8            8:00 p.m.
    • Salut Salon           April 16          8:00 p.m.
    • Switchback          April 21          11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
  • The College issued a Request for Proposals for a ticketing system to be used by both the Grunin Center for the Arts and the Planetarium to replace the current ticketing system that is not meeting the needs of either venue.  A committee consisting of Theatre, Planetarium, Accounting, and Purchasing staff discussed and analyzed the proposals and their options.  The committee is recommending PatronManager, which is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, backed by SalesForce, as well as a ticketing system.  The system will provide an enhanced user experience, allowing patrons to view available seats on one easy-to-read map and to check-out all on one screen.  The system will also allow patrons to easily join the mailing list and share a link to the ticketing site through social media so they can invite their friends to meet them at the shows.

In addition, PatronManager will allow staff to sell group tickets, promote related events, offer multi-tiered memberships and packages (turn transactions into relationships), and perform segmented marketing and fundraising.  Staff will also be able to create customized reports and marketing messages.

    • Information Technology
      • The Office of Information Technology is establishing a governance process to manage the method by which OIT projects and tasks are requested, reviewed, approved, prioritized, and reported in four categories, Administration, Academics, Reporting, and Web Services.  The implementation of the reporting request governance committee is off to a good start under the leadership of Ms. Alexa Beshara, Executive Director of Institutional Planning, Effectiveness, and Compliance.
      • Great progress has been achieved on the Learning Management System (LMS) CANVAS implementation.  Integration has been completed between the Colleague ERP system and CANVAS.  All course sections and associated enrollment data are now downloaded automatically and run four times a day.  The single sign-on configuration has been completed so all users are able to connect directly to CANVAS from Ocean Connect.  OIT is leading the training efforts for face-to-face faculty, with a self-paced online training course being developed.  In addition, a website dedicated to CANVAS support topics is being created that will be available for both faculty and students.

OIT is working with Professor of Mathematics Vicki McMillian to add enhancements to the existing home-grown attendance tool, with the goal of making the tool as functional as possible for faculty and students.

  • On Wednesday, March 16, the OIT team participated with Ellucian employees in a day-long team building workshop led by Ms. Chrissy Coley, an Ellucian consultant.  The workshop was well received by all.
  • Purchasing
    • The Purchasing Department oversaw the following Request for Proposal processes over the last two months:
    • Bookstore Operations
    • Marketing Services for e-Learning and On Campus
    • Student Recruitment and Retention Services
    • Ticketing System for the Grunin Center for the Arts and Planetarium

All of the processes were conducted in an open and inclusive manner, ensuring that many College departments were represented and varying points of view were considered.  Representatives from Purchasing and Accounting were included to ensure that the processes were conducted properly and that the financial ramifications were carefully analyzed.  Recommendations for contract awards are included on Monday’s Business and Finance agenda.

  • Joint Purchasing Consortium

OCC has continued to play a lead role in the sector-wide Joint Purchasing Consortium (JPC).  A pilot program is underway whereby OCC will coordinate procurements on behalf of the JPC and be reimbursed for hours worked.  This arrangement is intended to assist the JPC in increasing the number of joint procurements.  OCC will enjoy significant savings through the consortium process.

Town Hall Meeting

A Town Hall meeting was held in the Larson Student Center on March 1.  Chairman Van Thulin, Mrs. Linda Novak, Mr. Jerry Dasti, Mr. Steve Leone, and Mr. Mordechai Grubin represented the Board of Trustees and led a lively discussion with faculty, staff, and students.  I was particularly pleased to note the number of faculty who attended and contributed to the congenial dialogue.  The Student Center proved to be the perfect backdrop for this type of relaxed gathering.

The participants appreciated the opportunity to interact informally with the trustees, and there was general consensus that the Town Hall meetings should continue on a regular basis.  I look forward to the participation of all Board members as schedules permit.

Ocean County College Board of School Estimate

The Ocean County College Board of School Estimate meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, at 3:15 p.m. in the Ocean County Administration Building.  The Ocean County College FY 2017 budget will be presented for approval as will resolutions for Chapter 12 Capital Renovation and Renewal funding toward the construction of a new Health Sciences Building at Ocean County College.

The Board is comprised of three freeholders and two trustees.  This year’s Board of School Estimate members are Freeholders John P. Kelly, Director; Gerry P. Little, Deputy Director; John C. Bartlett, Jr., OCC Liaison; Board Chair Van Thulin; and Board Treasurer Jerry Dasti.  Board Secretary Stephan Leone serves as the Secretary of the Board of School Estimate.

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