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Campers, exercise your critical thinking skills!

girl at a table with a chemistry set and microscope

Camp STEAM Age 9-12 & 13-16

Our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math STEAM Camp engages campers in critical thinking workshops that focus on fundamental skills they need to improve their ability to think critically. Our instruction focuses on research-based approaches to defining and clarifying a problem, judging information related to a problem, and solving problems & drawing conclusions. Through activities focused on helping campers discover answers, they begin to develop a point of view that improves their academic and social perspectives of the world. We design our STEAM Camp to encourage the discovery of new ideas and meanings using content-based assignments. Through the investigation and modeling of important critical thinking strategies, campers become more proficient in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and presenting; all necessary skills to be successful in their academic disciplines. Our STEAM Camp goal is to move campers from dependent learners to independent, self-motivated, life-long learners. Throughout our skills based & text-based instruction, campers gain a sense of empowerment and control over their learning.

COST $175 | 5 Sessions | Aug 3-Aug 7 | MTWTHF 

    • Age 9-12 | Camp Code: CEED-789-21 | 9:00AM-12:00PM
    • Age 13-16 | Camp Code: CEED-790-21 | 1:00PM-4:00PM

Explore the Wonders Outer Space: Infinity & Beyond Age 6-8

Let your child explore the wonders of our solar system! Campers learn about the sun, other planets and moons. They search for life beyond the earth! They train like an astronaut! They make their own constellations, alien lifeforms, and much more! Our week ends with a trip to OCC’s planetarium. *We correlate our content to the NJ Science Standards. Campers should bring a paper towel tube to camp. ** We may use marshmallows for certain projects.

COST $185 | Camp Code: CEPH-214-21

5 Sessions | Jul 27-July 31| MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


NASA: Journey to Outer Spaces Age 7-11

Mad Science has teamed up with NASA in a quest for exploration! We’ll take a voyage of discovery into the atmosphere and beyond as we explore planets, moons, and other space phenomena in our solar system. Things will heat up as we examine the sun and other stars and discover the difficulties of space travel! Campers get a firsthand experience of the challenges of living in space as they try to assemble a satellite while training to be an astronaut. They build their own Mad Science rocket and participate in a real NASA style rocket launch. Campers have many projects to make and many cool NASA take homes, including a gravity assisted launcher, a Shuttle Copter, and more! Mad Science is the ONLY organization licensed by NASA to use these activities for Summer Camps. Our Camp is Out of this World!

COST $185 | Camp Code: CEPH-145-21

5 Sessions | Jul 27-July 31| MTWTHF | 9:00AM-12:00PM

Young Astronaut with moon and clouds behind him.
children using American Sign Language to say please, thank you, & sorry

American Sign Language Age 6-9

Does your child want to learn how to communicate with ASL! Campers learn major concepts of this visual language as well as how to hold a basic conversation and express their interests. They learn the core values of Deaf culture and gain an appreciation of the Deaf community. Campers discuss their favorite holidays, colors, families, and what they aspire to be when they grow up. Whether you have a family member or friend who communicates with ASL or just wants to learn to sign, enroll your child in this fun-filled learning experience.

COST: $175 | 5 Sessions | MTWTHF

    • Age 6-9 | Camp Code: CEED-369-21 | Aug 10-Aug 14 | 9:00AM-12:00PM
    • Age 10-13 | Camp Code: CEED-788-21 | Jul 13-July 17 | 1:00PM-4:00PM

Crazy Chemistry Age 8-11

Campers hop on board the Chemistry Express for a high-speed Science Experience. We offer experiments that fizz, tingle, and mystify our young campers’ minds! They investigate smoking potions, radical laboratories, and so much more! Campers do awe-inspiring experiments paired with thought-provoking detective work, which nurture scientific interests and evoke fascination. They learn about chemical reactions as they grow crystals, create sidewalk chalk from scratch, and design chromatography headbands and so much more! Our camp is a chemist’s dream!

COST $185 | Camp Code: CEPH-146-21

5 Sessions | Jul 13-Jul 17 | MTWTHF | 9:00AM-12:00PM

Children conducting chemistry experiments.
Kids Swimming Underwater

NEW! Ocean Exploration Age 5-8

Ocean enthusiasts will love learning all about oceanography with our interdisciplinary Snapology Ocean Exploration camp! We teach oceanic lessons through LEGO building, art, engineering, and robotics. Campers have fun as they explore the ocean world by building LEGO dolphins and deep-sea vehicles that move. They design underwater animal habitats and more! Your child explores the ocean with us this summer!

COST $185 | Camp Code: CEPH-415-21

5 Sessions | Jun 29-Jul 3 | MTWTHF | 9:00AM-12:00PM


Super Slimy Science Age 6-8

Join us for a fun-filled week of science experiments and cool projects. Discover Slimy Science & Smokey Ice, Lasers & Optics, Science of the Sea, and Shocking Science! Campers experience making ooey, gooey slime and Mad Science Putty. They see an indoor fireworks demonstration while learning about light & color. All campers become “Deep Sea Divers” as they investigate the world below the Ocean’s Surface! Come get SLIMED with your Friends!

COST $185 | Camp Code: CEFA-525-21

5 Sessions | Jun 29-Jul 3 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM

child dressed in a lab coat playing with slime
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