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Art & Music


Learn how to draw by working from still life and other inspirations. Emphasis will be on composition, lights & darks, elementary perspective, assessing proportion, modeling form and the proper use of materials.

Oil Painting

This course will teach composition and design. Learn to paint subject matter that is of interest to you, including landscape, portraiture, and still life. The first class will include a lecture, demonstration, and information on materials needed.

Classic Watercolor

For all experience levels. Acquaint yourself with the basic materials: pigment, paper, and brushes. Learn fundamental techniques of this classic media by depicting simple shapes and objects. Emphasis will be understanding the role of both water and brush handling in the painting process as we progress to more complex still life motifs.

Multi-Media Studio

You will receive instruction in your media of choice including pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, or collage. Working from still life arrangements as inspiration, participants will be guided in creating images using the classical techniques appropriate to their media. Contact the instructor for a materials list: Lizzi Schippert, NJWCS,

Intro to Digital Photography

Take your camera off automatic and gain creative control of your images in manual mode. Explore the evolving media of digital photography, including digital capture and camera operation. Students will learn various techniques and camera functions, such as aperture and shutter speed, while creating original photographs

Pre-requisite: Working knowledge of your camera and accessories. Required: DSLR camera. Suggested: tripod, alternate lenses.

Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics

Learn how to use time and motion, lighting effects, and compositional techniques. Portraiture, landscape, action, and night photography will be explored. In addition, valuable workflow and storage options will be covered.

Pre-requisite: CEFA 726 or equivalent knowledge. Required: DSLR camera-working knowledge in manual mode. Suggested: tripod, alternate lenses, flash.

Advanced Photography Workshop

Learn advanced photographic techniques such as stop motion, window lighting, portraiture, still life, and more. Through critique and hands-on practice, you will be able to sharpen both your technical and aesthetic skills with the camera, as well as the post production editing in Adobe Photoshop. Special attentions will be given to difficult subject matter and mastering “tricky” lighting situations. Come prepared with a flash drive of images to work on and share.

Pre-requisites: Digital Photography The Camera, Beyond the Basics and Adobe Photoshop for Photographers or equivalent experience in manual DSLR operation and photo editing. Required equipment: DSLR camera, memory card, tripod, flash drive. Suggested equipment: Alternate lenses, card reader, flash, reflector.

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