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Autism Spectrum Disorder STEAM Camps

NEW! Star Wars Theme Makerspace Age 8-12

Campers stretch their imagination through LEGO building and creative role-play using a sensory based learning environment as well as coding exploration. We provide campers the opportunity to free build using LEGOs to act out different memorable scenes from movies using a sensory bin. As part of the sensory bin, campers experiment with making sand cloud as well as putty make and take. In addition, they experiment with the concept of circuits to create a “Forth Be With You” card. Last, they create their own space galaxy using

    • COST $175 | 5 Sessions | Monday-Friday | 9:00AM-12:00PM
    • Camp Code: CECI-824-21 | Jun 29-Jul 3

NEW! Designing Alarm Circuits Age 8-12

Campers explore how electrical engineers design lighting concepts. They use hands-on activities to explore concepts of conductors, insulators, diagrams, and circuits. Our culminating activity is an engineering design challenge to create their own alarm circuit. Campers learn electrical concepts, have an opportunity to think critically, and work with others to collaborate on a solution.

    • COST $175 | 5 Sessions | Monday-Friday | 9:00AM-12:00PM
    • Camp Code: CECI-825-21 | Jul 6-Jul 10

NEW! Games & Forces Age 8-12

Campers explore how basic forces act. They have the opportunity to build, create, and design different game oriented activities, including a personal pinball machine and roller coaster simulation. Campers take part in several mini-engineering tasks, which they can take home, using basic concepts of force and motion.

    • COST $175| 5 Sessions | Monday-Friday | 9:00AM-12:00PM
    • Camp Code: CECI-826-21 | Jul 13-Jul 17

NEW! How Things Move Age 8-12

Campers explore basic color coding principles and engineering design to create flying or moving objects. Using introductory lessons, they learn how to create an algorithm to explore how things move as well as solve an engineering challenge to improve a flying machine. Potentially, campers may experience basic color-coding using Ozbots.

    • COST $175 | 5 Sessions | Monday-Friday | 9:00AM-12:00PM
    • Camp Code: CECI-827-21 | Jul 20-Jul 24
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