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Certificate of Completion in Business Studies

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This is a broad program of study that provides students with specific skills as well as a general overview of business.

The courses are also related to not-for-profit organizations.

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Certificate of Completion in Business Studies
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Contact: Christopher Bottomley
Phone: 732-255-0400, Ext. 2996.


Certificate of Completion in Business Studies

Small Business Owner
Office Manager
Business Administrator
Not-for-Profit Administrator

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Official* 2021-2022 Catalog

We update our interactive catalog throughout the year.

*Course requirements for degrees can and do change over time. Students are responsible for fulfilling the degree requirements that are in effect when they begin pursuing the degree.

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Current students are encouraged to use curriculum guides, along with their Student Planning Degree Audit (My Progress Screen), to help make educated, accurate choices when selecting courses.

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Honors by Contract

A wide range of courses are available for students to participate in OCC’s “Honors by Contract” Program!

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