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Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist Certificate CEHRS

Increased errors, rising healthcare costs, and poor patient coordination of care are the results of maintaining paper medical records. These negatives can decrease by applying information technology throughout the healthcare system.

As you prepare for a career in the healthcare workplace, you must develop a clear understanding of the significant impact the Electronic Health Record EHR system has on work processes in a healthcare environment. When you begin your career, you will use an EHR system as the primary tool to support your duties and the office workflow. The EHR knowledge and experience gained through our certificate program are a valuable component of the full set of competencies and skills you bring to your workplace.

desktop computer with medical record program open

Required Courses

Online Track

  • CEHO 102 Fast Track Medical Terminology I & II
  • CEHO 103 Medical Insurance & Billing Practices
  • CEHO 104 Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Care Professional
  • CEHO 108 Computerized Medisoft Billing
  • CEHO 109 The Electronic Health Record EHR & CEHRS Exam Prep for Health Care Career

CEHO-109, our online course, and CEHS-333, our on-campus course, prepare you for the National Healthcareer Association NHA Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist Exam CEHRS. The cost of the exam is $117, which is not included in the cost of tuition.

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