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STEM Clubs and Campus Activities

Mathematics Club

This club participates in the Middle States Mathematics Competition by sponsoring lectures on mathematical subjects given by OCC faculty and outside speakers. Professor Finberg, Professor Julia Kim, and Professor Vandana Saini serve as advisors of the Math Club.

Math Counts

The Math Counts competition is a national event sponsored in Ocean County by the Engineering Society of New Jersey. The competition is designed for middle school students and consists of several testing sessions during the course of the day.

OCC has provided a location for the event as well as volunteers from the Mathematics Department faculty who serve as proctors and test graders. The late Judith Lenk was the original liaison from the department. Since her death, Professor Maryann Birdsall has taken on her responsibilities.

Phi Theta Kappa

Two members of the Mathematics Department, Dr. William Rickert, and Professor Carolyn Showalter, serve as advisors for Ocean County College’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter, Tau Iota. Visit Tau Iota’s web page for more information about the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

The Engineering faculties hold a yearly robotics competition for local high school students.

Professor Paul Butler and Neil Schiller conduct this competition. The Cardboard Canoe races and Wearable Electronics are another competition sponsored by the Engineering division of the School of Mathematics, Science and Technology.

  • The Chemistry Club awards 2 scholarships to its members. In addition, a scholarship from the American Chemical Society is awarded to students taking chemistry.
  • The Science Club welcomes any student interested in any field of science. The club members are active in various projects.
  • Association for Pre-Health Professionals is an organization for students who are interested in nursing or any other field of healthcare. Members are active in a variety of activities.

Organic Chemistry Club

The Organic Chemistry Club at Ocean County College gives students the opportunity to grow as a scientists and related professions.

Students take pride in their affiliation with the American Chemical Society, a nonprofit organization chartered by Congress. Our mission is to enhance learning and empower students with a strong network of support that secures their futures. The American Chemical Society is a worldwide organization that provides professional support, a powerful networking ability, the latest in research publications, grant and scholarship opportunities, informative seminars and much more.

American Chemical Society

Graduating members of The Organic Chemistry Club are eligible for scholarship awards. Those that are active in the club and demonstrate proficiency in their studies and commitment to club mission will be candidates for this prestigious recognition.

The Organic Chemistry Club supports St Jude’s Childrens Fund. Our student chemists like to aid in obtaining “solutions”. No pun intended. As participants of the ACS Presidential Challenge, students “Put a Face on Chemistry”. They demonstrated educational concepts to the local elementary school.

All Ocean County College students are welcome to join us! Come and see what the excitement is about! We like to have fun as well and plan group outings.

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