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The Technology Preparation (Tech Prep) program, a rigorous and focused course of study, is designed to provide the middle fifty percent of the student population with both the essential academic and technical foundations, including necessary workplace skills such as problem solving, teamwork and the responsibility necessary for twenty-first century careers and a lifetime of learning.

Tech Preparation

The Robotics Races, Junkyard Wars and Cardboard Canoe are all part of Ocean County College’s Tech Prep program. They are dynamic elements of the county’s overall goal to develop a world-class workforce for the twenty-first century.  By establishing partnerships throughout the county dedicated to tearing down the walls dividing education, employers, students, and the community, Tech Prep offers unlimited opportunities to reinforce the excitement possible in the educational process.

This contest consists of students making boats out of cardboard, duct tape and a splash of ingenuity.

The annual event gives students the opportunity to put theory into practice, use unconventional materials to solve problems and, hopefully, create a boat that can swiftly maneuver through the pool without capsizing.

Race categories include Fastest Showboat, Best Presentation, Greatest Weight Supported Afloat, and Follow the Dotted Line. The contest is held in the Ocean County College pool.

Students from Ocean County’s school districts build robots using Legos, program them with computers, and then race!

There are two contests:

  1. Teams will design, build, and test a robotic racer in either the Limited Division (restricted to the components found in one kit) or the Unlimited Division (may use parts from more than one kit). Distance for the race is two laps. All runs will be timed with a stopwatch.
  2. Teams will have 90 minutes to design, build, and program a robotics device to accomplish a specified task. The task will be kept secret until the start of the event!

For more information contact:

Ocean County Tech Prep
Ocean County College
College Drive, P.O. Box 2001
Toms River, N.J. 08754-2001

The Junkyard Wars Competition is to build a human powered drag racer using junk. It has become an exciting event at Ocean County College with major coverage from the media. Each vehicle has to have at least three wheels and carry at least two students.

At the competition, drivers have to maneuver down a 100-yard course that requires them to make a K-turn and maneuver around curves as they head into the finish line. If a driver’s feet or hands touch the ground, they are disqualified.

Contact Information

For more information call School Relations at 732.255.0477.

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