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Computer Classes

Excel 1Introduction to Spreadsheets/Excel – Level 1: Our class introduces students to Microsoft Excel basics including creating spreadsheets, formulas, functions, formatting, graphics, and text. Perform basic/introductory level Excel skills such as modifying an existing worksheet, building worksheets, and copying & moving cells.
Excel 2Introduction to Spreadsheets/Excel – Level 2: Our class reinforces the elements introduced in Excel 1 and expands upon that base to include charts, formulas, and functions.
Excel 3Introduction to Spreadsheets/Excel – Level 3: Our class reinforces the elements introduced in Excel 2 and expands upon that base to include the addition of complex charts, formulas, functions, and macros. Add pictures and link worksheets easily once you master the EXCEL SPREADSHEET.
Word 1MS Word Level 1: Our introductory class shows you the basic operations of Microsoft Word at the beginning level.
Word 2MS Word Level 2: Our class reviews basic Microsoft Word operations and continues to go through the Ribbon Functions in detail.
PowerPointPOWERPOINT 1 & POWERPOINT 2: Our class shows you how to maintain your audience’s attention & retention to your presentations through animated & colorful PowerPoint slides.
Microsoft 365PC DATA STORAGE VIA THE CLOUD MICROSOFT 365: MS 365 is Microsoft’s latest venture into cloud computing. Our class teaches you the Microsoft Exchange Online for email & scheduling, SharePoint Online for creating team sites & sharing files, and Lync Online for instant messaging & online meeting.
Ms WindowsPC WINDOWS: Our class is for non-computer users. Understand PC components & operations in the Microsoft Windows environment. Learn proper start-up & shut-down of the operating system, running application programs, managing & organizing files & folders, and printing.
PC OutlookPC  OUTLOOK: Our class introduces you to the proper use of e-mail as a job related tool including sending clear messages, receiving, replying, & deleting messages, disposing of junk mail, and opening & sending fine attachments.
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