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e-Learning Staff

The e-Learning Department is on Ocean County College’s main Toms River campus to assist faculty, staff, and students with questions about online courses.

Hatem Akl
AVP of International Programs – Operational

Melissa Bova
e-Learning Instructional Designer

Chu Cheung 
e-Learning Instructional Designer

Alexis Crosta 
Academic Administrator – Foreign Programs

Deborah Daley
Exec. Asst. to the VP of e-Learning

Eric Daniels
Educational Technologist

Lauren Dix
Learning Management Systems (LMS) Administrator

Rachel Doss-Block
Associate Director of e-Learning

Britni Epstein
Academic Administrator, e-Learning

Dr. Eileen Garcia
VP of e-Learning and Learning Enterprises

Dr. Maysa Hayward
AVP of International Programs – Academics

Dr. Jack Kelnhofer
College Lecturer, e-Learning

Melani Kovacs
Graduate Intern, Academics

Alfred Longo
College Lecturer, e-Learning

Vivian Lynn
Dean, e-Learning

Couper Mclay
Graduate Student Intern, e-Learning

Ashley Shanley
Instructional Design Specialist

Dr. Howaida Wahby-Eraky
College Lecturer, e-Learning

Christine Webster-Hansen
Assistant Dean, e-Learning

Laura Wingler
Instructional Design Specialist

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