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English & Spanish Courses

Let WPE assist you in communicating effectively with non-native speakers of English in your workplace.

Placement testing determines entry into appropriate classes.


We teach beginner level English to non-native speakers. Our instructional focus at this level is on frequently used spoken words, phrases, and questions to express basic social and survival needs, as well as recognition and production of the English alphabet and numbers.



Our focus in this class is for the beginner/middle level speaker of English. Instruction moves to using spoken words, expressions, and questions in conversation, as well as basic reading and writing of personal information and simple sentences.



Our target group for this class is the high beginning level speakers of English. We work on listening and conversational skills, vocabulary building, and production of grammatically correct simple sentences.

Spanihs in the WorkplaceSpanish for Managers & Spanish in the Workplace Level 1 & 2

Our courses assist non-Spanish speakers communicate effectively with Spanish speaking staff. Our classes may be customized to meet your individual business needs and employees.

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