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Health & Wellness

Belly Dancing

This ten-week course will cover a basic introduction to this beautiful, classic dance form. Students will earn the graceful isolation movements for hips, arms, and abdomen, and gain an understanding of the music and rhythems of this dance. Students will also learn fun folk dances from Morocco, Eygt, Arabia, and Lebanon, along with use of finger cymbals.

Integral Qigong/Tai Chi for Beginners

Combining gentle movements, deep breathing, & focused intention; this integral style of Qigong/Tai Chi’s great appeal is that everyone can benefit regardless of age or level of fitness. Concentration will be on developing a practice that maintains optimum health and well-being that can help reduce stress, improve balance, and create serenity while healing the body and spirit.

Qigong/Tai Chi Advanced

This class is open to anyone who has completed the beginner integral Qigong/Tai Chi class or has basic knowlegde of Qigong or Tai Chi. Training includes integral Qigong/Tai Chi manual, advanced movements, self-massage techniques, advanced Qi breathing techniques, and Qigong meditation. 0.60 CEU

Yoga for Everybody-Begin Your Journey

Everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or experience, can benefit from Yoga. Benefits include improved health, reduced stress, increased awareness, and greater overall balance in life. Yoga integrates body-mind-spirits. This program is oriented toward beginner students, but appropriate for all levels.

Get Golf Ready

This program is a 4-lesson group package, which includes on-course activites. You will learn swing fundamentals, short game, rules, etiquette, and other essentials that every golfer should know.

Lady Golf for Beginners

This is a beginning class taught by a female instructor. It is a program specifically designed for women and their bodies. Learn the basics including the rules, etiquette, and swing fundamentals. Golf clubs are provided for those women who do not have equipment. All classes are taught by an Eagle Ridge Golf Academy instructor.

Lady Golf Intermediate

This class is for the intermediate player. Improve your “on-course” game. Four (4) hours of the class be on course. It covers all aspects of the game from full swing to short game. Strengthen and improve your mechanics, improve course and shot management while learning better ways to pratice. Your instructor will teach you new drills and practice techniques.

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