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Math And Science Courses Online

Your Classroom is Wherever You Want It to Be

Are you a student from another college or university? Register for OCC’s summer courses and get one step closer to your degree — and save money.

  • Affordable

    • OCC’s tuition is much less expensive than a four-year college or university.
    • All New Jersey residents pay our in-county rate for online courses.
    • Tuition includes textbooks, tutoring, and most fees.
  • Convenient

    •  You can apply and register for math and science courses on the same day.
    • Complete your associate degree 100% online.
    • Online courses are asynchronous, which means students are never required to come to campus and are not required to be “online” during a specific day or time.
  • Fast

    • Our courses are designed to be completed at a comfortable pace in 7.5 weeks.
  • Broadly transferable

    • Most four-year colleges and universities accept our credits.
    • Ocean’s online science courses include a true hands-on lab experience through kits delivered to students’ homes.
  • Supportive

    • Online career services, tutoring, counseling, and library assistance.
    • 24/7 technical support for all online courses.

Online Courses

BIOL-114 Prin Biological Sci
BIOL-130 Human Anat/Phys I
BIOL-131 Human Anat/Phys II
BIOL-161 General Biology I
BIOL-162 General Biology II
BIOL-232 Microbiology
BIOL-261 Ecology
CHEM-180 Intro Chemistry
CHEM-181 General Chemistry I
CHEM-182 General Chemistry II
CHEM-283 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM-284 Organic Chemistry II
PHYS-171 Physics I
PHYS-172 Physics II
PHYS-180 Intro Astronomy
PHYS-281 General Physics I
PHYS-282 General Physics II
PHYS-283 General Physics III
MATH-023 Algebra Basics
MATH-151 A Survey of Mathematics
MATH-156 Intro Statistics
MATH-161 College Algebra
MATH-165 College Algebra Accelerated
MATH-191 Precalculus I
MATH-192 Precalculus II
MATH-195 Precalculus (accelerated)
MATH-265 Calculus I
MATH-266 Calculus II
MATH-267 Calculus III
MATH-270 Discrete Mathematics

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“I had a great experience with all my online classes. OCC is a great place to learn and to further your knowledge.
OCC got me ready for life after college.”

– Michael Santos, OCC Class of 2017

How to Get Started As a Visiting Student

  • Complete an Application for Admission online.
  • When asked to indicate your anticipated Enrollment Status, choose Visiting Student (currently attending another College/University) or Non-Degree.
Visiting Student Registration Instructions
  • Visiting Students must prove that they are current, valid students. Please use your school-issued e-mail account to send a copy of your unofficial transcript to
  • Once you are informed you have access to register online, you will use your OCC issued Ocean Connect account to register for classes.

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Lab Kits

Ocean’s online science courses include a true hands-on lab experience. Not all labs are included as part of the First Day Material. Students may have to purchase a kit that will be delivered to students’ homes. The labs are similar if not identical to those performed in face-to-face classes. This unique lab experience is what has made our courses rigorous and transferable to four-year institutions.

HyFlex Courses

Courses may also be available in a HyFlex format. A fully HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) course integrates in-class face-to-face instruction, online synchronous learning (which means occurring at the same time as the live instruction), and online activities.

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