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Mind Building

NEW CSI: Radical Reactions & Detective Science Age 7-10

Campers have tons of fun mixing up potions and experimenting with all kinds of chemical reactions! Our young chemists grow crystals, create sidewalk chalk, and make chromatography T-Shirts to take home. They become science sleuths as they investigate how chemistry provides evidence at the scene of a crime. During hands-on detective work, campers gather & test “crime scene” clues, make & analyze their own fingerprints, and so much more on their way to becoming a Junior Chemist in Camp!

$185 | Camp Code CEPH-213-01

4 Sessions | Jul 1-Jul 5 | MTWTHF | 9:00AM-12:00PM


NEW Eureka: Young Inventors Camp Age 7-11

Campers launch with legends & fly to the future in this full day inventor’s camp! Anyone can be an inventor! They discover the work of da Vinci, Edison, Tesla, Verne, Asimov, and more! Then, they use the knowledge to invent solutions to everyday problems, prepare patent proposals, build catapults, launch projectiles off a large trebuchet, create hot air balloons, flying machines, and several types of spacecraft. Our camp culminates with campers building their own sci-fi inspired light sabers that they can take home, along with their dreams of the future! Old Legends & Future Science meet to make Fantastic Fun!

$299 | Camp Code CEFA-527-01

5 Sessions |  Jul 29-Aug 2 | MTWTHF | 9:00AM-4:00PM


NEW Mad Machines & JR Engineers Age 7-11

If they love to build things or destroy them; this week of camp includes lots of both! The junior Mad Science engineers design & build Bridges and “Skyscrapers” and even construct a Geodesic Dome! Our journey includes the many different machines, simple & complex, that we use in our daily lives. Campers have fun building their very own Catapults, Sonic Race Car, and much more to take home! Camp is a Sonic Blast!

$185 | Camp Code CECI-808-01

5 Sessions |  Jul 22-Jul 26 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


NEW Mad Machines & Rockin’ Rockets Age 6-8

Mini Mad Scientists delve into a multitude of scientific subjects as they learn about the Earth and it’s animal inhabitants, simple machines, rocketry, flight, and chemical reactions; there’s something for everyone! They investigate the layers of the Earth, build & race a car, construct a rocket, create animal tracks, build a bughouse, and grow their very own crystal gardens to take home!  There’s so much in store; it’s simply Sensational! Blast Off to Fun!

$185 | Camp Code CEFA-759-01

5 Sessions | Jul 8-Jul 12 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


NEW Mad Science: Brixology Age 7-11

Brixology Camp sets the foundation for our next generation of makers! Campers learn about different types of engineering and then team up to construct a different engineering-themed project using MAD SCIENCE EXCLUSIVE LEGO® bricks! They learn about aerospace engineering while assembling a space station. They explore mechanical engineering as they build boats & vehicles. From carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges, your future engineers build upon their creativity to solve real-world design challenges, while developing their problem-solving and team-building skills. Let the tinkering and building begin!

$185 | Camp Code CEET-217-01

5 Sessions |  Aug 12-Aug 16 | MTWTHF | 9:00AM-12:00PM


NEW NASA: Journey to Outer Spaces Age 7-11

Mad Science has teamed up with NASA in a quest for exploration! We’ll take a voyage of discovery into the atmosphere and beyond as we explore planets, moons, and other space phenomena in our solar system. Things will heat up as we examine the sun and other stars and discover the difficulties of space travel! Campers get a firsthand experience of the challenges of living in space as they try to assemble a satellite while training to be an astronaut. They build their own Mad Science rocket and participate in a real NASA style rocket launch. Campers have many projects to make and many cool NASA take homes, including a gravity assisted launcher, a Shuttle Copter, and more! Mad Science is the ONLY organization licensed by NASA to use these activities for Summer Camps. Our Camp is Out of this World!

$185 | Camp Code  CEPH-145-01

5 Sessions |  Jul 22-Jul 26 | MTWTHF | 9:00AM-12:00PM


NEW Red Hot Robots Age 7-11

Let’s spend summer playing with our super cool Red-Hot Robots! Campers discover the world of robots as we investigate the differences between humans & their robotic counterparts. Campers learn how robots use infrared & sensors to discover their environment. They invent their own robot designs using recycled materials and apply their newfound skills to make a Robot to Take Home to “LIVE” with them!

$185 | Camp Code CEET-216-01

5 Sessions |   Aug 12-Aug 16 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


NEW Secret Agent Lab Age 7-11

Look out 007, the Mad Science Secret Agent Lab is in session! From decoding messages to experimenting with metal detectors & night vision, campers check out spy equipment and step into the shoes of a detective! They uncover the science involved in gathering & analyzing evidence and the technology behind locks, surveillance systems and alarms. To test the limits of magnified observation, our junior science sleuths build their own binoculars and develop ways to work together to refine their observation skills. They use what they have learned as they find, collect, and analyze evidence and connect the dots to solve a simulated crime scene! Mad Science Spy Camp is 00-Awesome!

$299 | Camp Code CEFA-526-01

5 Sessions |    Aug 5-Aug 9 | MTWTHF | 9:00AM-4:00PM



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CPE Summer Catalog

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“I have to be honest, I never liked high school or studying but I really like it here at OCC.  I’ve learned so much here, not just about Medical Billing and EHR, but about myself.”

“Anytime I talk to someone who is unhappy with their job, I always tell them about CPE and how great it is. Especially the online  courses.”

Stephanie, Current OCC and CPE Student

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Career Training Info Session

  • Come Discover Your Next Career and How to Get Started
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    • Business
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Wed. August 21 • 3:00pm-6:00pm

  • Instructional Building #5 Atrium

Medical Billing & Coding

  • Discover how to achieve a rewarding & respectable job in the healthcare industry either in a home business or working in a healthcare facility. Learn how to complete a health care certificate at Ocean County College either online or in a traditional classroom.

Saturday, August 24 • 9:00am-Noon

  • Hovnanian Health Science Building #102• Room 107 Parking Lot #3

Call 732.255.0409 with questions.

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