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Mind Building

New! Inventor’s League-Prototyping for the Future! Age 8-14

Our camp allows your child to become an inventor of the future! Campers learn ‘rapid prototyping’ and problem solving as they conceptualize and design a product to solve a critical global issue. Each day begins with inspirational profiles of young inventors, such as the eleven year old who coded a robot to find victims of natural disasters. Next, campers research a problem to tackle in medicine, architecture, the environment, or a topic of their choosing. Once their vision is complete, campers learn how to draft 2D designs, create 3D models, and develop a website to pitch their ideas to the class. Campers’ projects are available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. Campers work in pairs/teams for most of the program.

COST $185 | Camp Code: CECI-817-21

5 Sessions | Jul 27-Jul 31 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


CSI: Radical Reactions & Detective Science Age 6-8

Campers have tons of fun mixing up potions and experimenting with all kinds of chemical reactions! Our young chemists grow crystals, create sidewalk chalk, and make chromatography T-Shirts to take home. They become science sleuths as they investigate how chemistry provides evidence at the scene of a crime. During hands-on detective work, campers gather & test “crime scene” clues, make & analyze their own fingerprints, and so much more on their way to becoming a Junior Chemist in Camp!

COST $185 | Camp Code: CEPH-213-21

5 Sessions | Jul 13-Jul 17 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


Eureka: Young Inventors Camp Age 7-11

Campers launch with legends & fly to the future in this full day inventor’s camp! Anyone can be an inventor! They discover the work of da Vinci, Edison, Tesla, Verne, Asimov, and more! Then, they use the knowledge to invent solutions to everyday problems, prepare patent proposals, build catapults, launch projectiles off a large trebuchet, create hot air balloons, flying machines, and several types of spacecraft. Our camp culminates with campers building their own sci-fi inspired light sabers that they can take home, along with their dreams of the future! Old Legends & Future Science meet to make Fantastic Fun!

COST $299 | Camp Code: CEFA-527-21

5 Sessions | Aug 3-Aug 7 | MTWTHF | 9:00AM-4:00PM


JR Engineers Age 4-8

Young campers love to build and our Snapology camp allows them to experiment by creating. Campers build fun and simple models using DUPLO bricks to learn engineering concepts early. From puppy dogs that move to seesaws, pinwheels, racecars, and more, campers will love what they create in our hands-on camp. By playing with and manipulating these models, they experience pulleys, levers, gears, wheels, and axels while exploring energy, buoyancy, and balance. Our camp provides free building time and playtime to promote creativity and socialization.

COST $185 | Camp Code: CEEN-137-21

5 Sessions  | Aug 3-Aug 7 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


Mad Machines & JR Engineers Age 6-10

If they love to build things or destroy them; this week of camp includes lots of both! The junior Mad Science engineers design & build Bridges and “Skyscrapers” and even construct a Geodesic Dome! Our journey includes the many different machines, simple & complex, that we use in our daily lives. Campers have fun building their very own Catapults, Sonic Race Car, and much more to take home! Camp is a Sonic Blast!

COST $185 | Camp Code: CECI-808-21 

5 Sessions | Jul 6-Jul 10 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


Mad Science: Brixology Age 8-11

Brixology Camp sets the foundation for our next generation of makers! Campers learn about different types of engineering and then team up to construct a different engineering-themed project using MAD SCIENCE EXCLUSIVE LEGO® bricks! They learn about aerospace engineering while assembling a space station. They explore mechanical engineering as they build boats & vehicles. From carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges, your future engineers build upon their creativity to solve real-world design challenges, while developing their problem-solving and team-building skills. Let the tinkering and building begin!

COST $185 | Camp Code CEET-217-21

5 Sessions | Aug 10-Aug 14 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


New! Chuck It! Age 8-11

Chuck it is our engineering camp based on the science of projectiles and controlling potential energy. Campers launch a pneumatic rocket that goes 100+ feet in the air. Then, they learn to control the rocket’s flight path to a designated landing zone. They build a medieval catapult that can break down the walls of the neighboring kingdom–using marshmallows of course. They must find the optimal angle for the launch of canon to ensure that the canon ball lands on the appropriate target at the right distance. Pressure, angles, and friction, or my!

COST $175 | Camp Code: CEPH-216-21

5 Sessions | Jul 20-Jul 24 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


Mini-figure Mastermind Age 5-8

Everyone loves LEGO Minifigures! In our Snapology LEGO Minifigure Masterminds, campers build with our secret stash of Minifigures to create awesome LEGO projects each day. From Star Wars characters, to superheroes, ninjas, pirates, princesses, and more, campers have a blast creating mini-worlds. Join us as we shrink ourselves to “Minifigure” size while we create storylines for Minifigures and embark on new adventures. The world may be small, but the projects we build together are full of BIG imagination!

COST $185 | Camp Code CECI-820-21

5 Sessions |  Aug 10-Aug 14 | MTWTHF | 1:00PM-4:00PM


Secret Agent Lab Age 6-10

Look out 007, the Mad Science Secret Agent Lab is in session! From decoding messages to experimenting with metal detectors & night vision, campers check out spy equipment and step into the shoes of a detective! They uncover the science involved in gathering & analyzing evidence and the technology behind locks, surveillance systems and alarms. To test the limits of magnified observation, our junior science sleuths build their own binoculars and develop ways to work together to refine their observation skills. They use what they have learned as they find, collect, and analyze evidence and connect the dots to solve a simulated crime scene! Mad Science Spy Camp is 00-Awesome!

COST $299 | Camp Code: CEFA-526-21

5 Sessions | Jul 20-Jul 24 | MTWTHF | 9:00AM-4:00PM

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