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Traditional Nursing Program FAQs


Complete an Online Application for Admission to OCC. You must also complete a Letter of Intent for Nursing.  Have your official high school transcripts sent to OCC, along with Official college transcripts from any colleges you may have attended. (Students interested in the OnSite/OnLine Nursing program should call the School of Nursing at 732-255-0400 ext. 486 for the additional Supplemental Application for that program.)

Nursing Letter of Intent – Complete this form if you are interested in the Traditional Nursing Program. You must submit this form for every semester that you wish to be considered for the traditional nursing program.

That will depend on how long it takes you to complete the requirements and how many other students have completed the requirements before you.  You can expect to wait between 1 & 3 semesters after you get a “Date of Completion” before your date gets to the top of the list.

A student establishes their “Date of Completion” when they have finished all the requirements to enter the Nursing Program.  It is the date you finish your final requirement.

There is NO single “list”. Each semester, every student who has submitted a Letter of Intent in evaluated.  The students who have completed all the requirements are arranged in order by their “Date of Completion”.  Acceptance letters are sent to the students with the earliest dates.  A new list is generated each semester based on who filled out a “Letter of Intent”.

Yes, If your grade point average drips below 2.7 after you have completed the requirements, you will lose your “DOC”.  When you bring your GPA up to at least a 2.7 again, you will get a new “DOC”.  Also, if you are offered a seat in the nursing program and you decline it, your new “Date of Completion” will be when you fill out a new Letter of Intent for a future semester.

The TEAS test is a nursing entrance test that is required for acceptance into the OCC Nursing Program.  It has to be scheduled through the OCC Testing Center [(732) 255-0401].  The test is 3 ½ hours in length and covers English, Math and Science.  There is a fee for the test.

Students should schedule the TEAS test when they feel ready to take it.  It is recommended to take it when you have completed your General Education required courses.  It must be taken at the OCC Testing Center.  Students must pass the TEAS test in order to receive a “Date of Completion”.

→ If a student fails the TEAS test on their 1st attempt, they are required to enroll in (and complete the) TEAS Prep course [CEHS 332] prior to taking the test a 2nd time.

→ If a student fails the TEAS test on their 2nd attempt, they are required to wait 6 weeks before takin it a 3rd time.

→ If a student fails the TEAS test on their 3rd attempt they are required to wait 2 years before they can test again.

Anyone who works in a hospital is required to have a clean criminal background check. Nursing applicants who are in their final semester of completing the Nursing pre-requisites need to institute a criminal background check with Castle Branch.

Go to:         Package code:  OY49

You will not receive a “Date of Completion without a clean background check.

Microbiology is not a pre-requisite to enter the program but must be completed before Nursing IV in order to graduate.

No. Nutrition (NURS 174) is only taken as a co-requisite with Nursing II.

Yes, Ocean County residents are accepted first, (before out of county residents) to the Traditional Nursing Program. We require a copy of your Driver’s License with each Letter of Intent to verify that you live in Ocean County.

This can happen because so many people are interested in the Nursing Program.  You can take Microbiology if you haven’t yet.  Kean University offers a BSN program through Kean@Ocean and you can take the classes that they recommend toward your Bachelor Degree.  A Kean advisor is available in the Kean office located in the Gateway Building (101) if you have any questions.

Please let us know in writing, ASAP. Each semester, we have a least 200 people who are hoping for that seat.

Once admitted to the program, students will be required to comply with the physical exam and immunization requirements of every clinical facility used by the college. Documentation of compliance will be required by the college four weeks prior to the start of any clinical nursing course. Note the health requirements of our clinical partners are subject to change at any time, even after a student has begun the program.

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