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On-Site Online Nursing Program

Application requests will begin September 30 with a deadline to apply of March 31.

Please do not apply until you have completed ALL General Education Requirements*

Applicants must also pass TEAS and have a clean background check before applying any nursing program.
TEAS test must be taken through Ocean County College and cannot be transferred from another school.

Previous applicants who were not accepted must re-apply every semester.

Applications can be requested by e-mail to  Please include your medical background with the request.  Example:  LPN, CNA, ER Tech, EMT, PCT

Application, letters and transcripts must be sent to Registration and Records by March 31.
Once accepted, a drug test and physical will be required.

About this Program

This unique option allows committed, motivated individuals to complete our RN program by attending class/clinical one day per week (12 hours 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)  supplemented by web-assisted instruction. Other days may be needed at the discretion of the faculty.

This is a full time nursing program and students are expected to spend significant time online every day (at least 8 hours) in addition to being available other days when required (i.e. testing, practicums). It is recommended that students accepted to the program work a maximum of 16 hours per week.

Applicants must have a hands-on healthcare background (ex:  LPN, CNA, EMT) and have been employed for at least six months.

The program is designed so that all clinical and face-to-face colloquium are delivered on-site day(s) of the week and within an existing hospital. Clinical sites do change throughout the program. Online components to the didactic (classroom) portions of the entire nursing curriculum allow significant portions of the courses to be taught in a web-assisted manner, giving students major improvements in access and learning. Lab skills practice is done by the student on his or her own time.

Please be advised that students participating in OSOL must have a PC based system. We do not support Apple if you encounter problems.

Participants with a Bachelor’s Degree must complete A & P I and II (face to face preferred) before entering the On Site On Line Nursing Program.  Students without a degree must complete all the general education requirements before applying. Classes and clinical experiences will be web-assisted and provide a learner centered environment that is partially self-directed.

The clinical experience, face-to-face colloquium, is offered on scheduled days during the week based upon clinical site availability. However, students are expected to arrive the evening before, to pick up their clinical assignments and prepare their patient research. Additionally, students must schedule time to practice their skills in a nursing skills laboratory which is available days and evenings Monday through Friday and on Saturday.

Class Scheduling

On site on line classes will be scheduled as follows:

Nurs. 175 will be on a Friday. The following semester Nurs. 176 will be on a Monday. The following semester Nurs. 273 will be on a Thursday and when you enter Nurs. 274 it will be on a Tuesday.

This is subject to change based on faculty and clinical availability.

Honors By Contract

A wide range of courses are available for students to participate in OCC’s “Honors by Contract” Program!

Official Catalog*

Our interactive catalog is updated throughout the year.

*Course requirements for degrees can and do change over time. Students are responsible for fulfilling the degree requirements that are in effect when they begin pursuing the degree at the college.

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Register for Your Next Semester

Current students are encouraged to use the College Catalog and Student Planning Degree Audit (My Progress Screen) to help make educated, accurate choices when selecting courses.

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