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Black Rocket

In 2002 Sarah Zengel and her father, Bill co-founded a digital arts technology camp for children. They named it Black Rocket, after her first dog, a black labrador retriever named Rocket. Sarah started the business when she was ten. They had four campers in a loaned storefront. Bill, a copywriter at a major ad agency, borrowed an LCD and laptop from his office and they taught the four kids “Lightz! Camera! Action! – How to Make Your First Movie!”

Today Black Rocket has grown in leaps and bounds and their camps can be found where the computer meets creativity and solely focus on self-empowerment for children. They’re the fastest-growing enhanced education children’s enrichment program on the East Coast with plans to be on campuses around the world shortly and have an “Innovation Institute” open in a few years. Today they are located on 250 campuses in four countries with a seasonal staff of 500 artists in residence, technologists, and academics. Approximately 200,000 children have been brought through their 30 STEM programs.

Over the last two decades they have worked with the US Government and NASA on enabling science for children; conducted virtual programs for girls in Afghanistan and the Frankfurt International School; created custom curriculum for special needs children; taught Inuit children in Alaska and incarcerated youth skills to get a job. Bill now serves in an advisory capacity while his partner, Richard Ginn, a former Teacher of the Year Award at what US News calls the best High School in the country, runs Black Rocket as they expand into game-based learning, esports, and online learning.

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Mad Science of West New Jersey

Mad Science of West New Jersey is a leading science enrichment provider. They deliver unique, hands-on science experiences for children through after-school programs, birthday parties, workshops, special events, and summer camps. Their innovative programs are as entertaining as they are educational!

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