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WPE Staff

Our courteous WPE Staff provides you with all the information you need to make the choice best suited for you!

Kaitlin Everett

Director of Workforce Education & Community Programs

Phone: 732-255-0400  Ext. 2816


Mary Gibson

Assistant Director of Workforce Training

Phone: 732 255 0400 Ext. 2094


Gina Opauski

Assistant Director of Work Readiness

Phone: 732 255 0400 Ext. 2032


Michael Forcella

Michael ForcellaManager of Business Engagement

Phone: 732.255.0400 Ext. 2157

Gerald Mangino

Manager of Health Care Career Programs

Phone: 732.255.0400 Ext. 2269

Justin Zutski

Career Pathways Coordinator

Phone: 732.255.0400 Ext. 0409

Charles Crudup

Program Instructor & Advisor
Ocean County Achievement Center 

Phone: 732 255 0400 Ext. 2354


Melissa Jerden

Resource Coordinator
Ocean County Achievement Center

Phone: 732 255 0400 Ext. 2354


Jannette Ball

Senior Program Services Technician

Phone: 732.255.0400 Ext. 2796

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