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Personal Development

Personal Development

Check out our selection of classes to assist in your personal growth. Call us at 732-255-0409 for registration information.

Barnegat Bay Naturalists 18+ CEBS-137

Barnegat Bay is a national ecological treasure with an amazing diversity of wildlife. Come explore it with us! We focus on the natural resources and unique habitats of the bay and its 660 square mile watershed. Learn interpretive skills to educate others. Our course has 4 Wednesday evening classes and 5 Saturday outdoor field trips. Get info on the  trips when you register. Becoming a certified Barnegat Bay Volunteer Master Naturalist starts here. You must be 18+ years for our course.

Creative Writing “Cluster” Workshop CEFA-824

Our Creative Writing “Cluster” Workshop is a journey in self-awareness as we learn how to connect and tap into the inner spiritual & creative writer that dwells in all of us. Follow the chapters in Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” and explore how to unlock and unblock the mysteries & magic of our words by using “Morning Pages” and the “Artist’s Dates”. Each class & chapter are filled with insights, exercises, and tools to help you let go of any negative and self-sabotaging thoughts that may be hindering the flow of self-expression and the love of writing.

Defensive Driving Course DDC-6 CEPA-117

Our comprehensive driver improvement National Safety Council defensive driving course offers you practical knowledge & techniques to avoid crashes and choose safe, responsible, & lawful driving behaviors. Certificate of Completion makes you eligible for a 2-point reduction by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, ticket dismissal, and/or a 5% reduction on insurance. Check with your insurance company. NJ EMTs & Paramedics receive 6 Continuing Education Units CEU toward re-certification. Nationally registered EMTs & Paramedics receive 6 hours of Continuing Education Credit. Book included.

Egyptology 101: Name That Tomb! Things Mummy Never Told You About Egypt! CEED-787

A multi-sensory course that engages students in the exploration of Ancient Egypt. We begin with the geography of the Nile River and surrounding Sahara Desert-the Red Land and the Kemet-the Black Land. Students will find it fascinating that pyramids were only built in the Old Kingdom of Egyptian history and then go on to explore the Middle and New Kingdoms of Egypt. Famous pharaohs including King Narmer (Menes), Hatshepsut, and King Tutankhamun are a focal point of study. We explore other Egyptian fascinating areas and accomplishments such as hieroglyphics, gods & goddesses, and the mummification process as it related to religion & the afterlife of the Egyptians.

Topics in American History that Changed the World  CEED-370

Throughout time, certain battles affected the course of history, which led to changes that shaped our world. Learn about the major battles that led to America becoming a world power and the generals whose brilliant acts solidified the fate of our country.

Getting the Most from Your Social Security ALIS-140

For the Disabled Worker, Divorcee, Person Nearing Retirement, Single-Income Couple, Double-Income Couple, Widow/Widower: Allay your fears about the system’s future. Explore the actuarial concepts, basic rules, and benefit calculations. Learn to increase your future SS benefit. Learn how SS benefits are funded & calculated. Maximize benefits, regardless of possible changes.

A Guide to Understanding Medicare ALIS-141

A Guide to Understanding Medicare Our seminar details the ins & outs of Medicare enrollment. (1) How & when to apply for Medicare & social security’s role. (2) Costs & penalties associated with Medicare Parts A, B, & D. (3) Secondary coverage options, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Advantage Plans. (4) How prescription drug plans work when you enroll in Medicare. (5) Financial assistance programs available to help with Part B & D premiums.

Retirement Planning Today CEFA-808

Our class helps you & your spouse make sense of your choices in building your financial future. Learn to create a plan to retire early, integrate your finances with your objectives, take advantage of tax law changes, allocate your assets within your employer retirement plan, understand employee benefits & retirement plans, ask the right questions about insurance coverage, protect your assets from long-term health care costs, and ensure your estate plan works under new laws. Financial education is your best investment. You work hard for your money. Now, make your money work harder for you.

Time Management & Goal Setting CEIS-487

Does time seem to get away from you? Have you thought about taking a class on how to manage time better in order to accomplish your goals? Here is your chance to learn how to plan, prepare, & prioritize, stay focused, and learn vital time management tools to boost productivity and feel accomplished!

The Retirement Conversation: The Importance of the Non- Financial Aspects of Retirement CEFP-016

Examine the changing nature of retirement. It’s not just all about the money! Retirement readiness includes 5 key non-financial areas of Leisure Pursuits, Personal Growth, Relationships, Wellness, and Work. Explore facts & stats on what’s changing. Set goals. Create actions that promote financial health & well-being!

Family History & Genealogy Workshop CESS-127

Join genealogist, historian, & author, Russ Dutcher, in further developing your family history. For the novice or experienced genealogist. Search for elusive ancestors. Discover how to search genealogical databases, what kinds of records are available online, how to search for & use them to document your genealogy. We cover a myriad of research problems & help you to break through the “brick-wall” of genealogy.

Mah Jongg ALIS-115

No Mah Jongg experience or knowledge required. Learn American Mah Jongg, a sociable, competitive, exciting, & addictive game for all ages played with 4 people. Learn the tiles, their function, and the Charleston per National Mah Jongg League rules. We provide a practice Mah Jongg set throughout the 4-week class. Upon completion of the class, you will be confident & knowledgeable to join a Mah Jongg game while making new friends!

Memoir Writing Workshop: The Original 3-Step Vignette Method CEFA-794

For all writing levels, learn to write a personal memoir about a specific period/whole life in a supportive environment. The Vignette Method is a simple technique that turns thoughts, feelings, and memories into a memoir. “A very special, nonjudgmental writing workshop that encouraged everyone to write and share.” Award-Winning Author Shelley Gilbert takes the intimidation out of intimate writing. Bring large pad & pen/pencil.

Using Poetry Forms & Symmetry to Unleash Creativity CEFA-346

“If you can paint with a brush, you can paint with words.” Ignite your creative powers and explore how the arts influence creativity and strengthen humanity! Learn tools, frameworks, and concepts to generate new ideas and implement them with skill & persistence. Open to all levels of experience.

Your Answers are in the Cards CEDA-129

Always wondered what was in the cards for you? Why not find out for yourself! Learn to read the tarot cards in a simplified way. Allow
your natural intuition to guide you.
Personal Development
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