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PHYS 180 Introduction to Astronomy Online

Ocean County College is one of the first community colleges in the Northeastern United States to develop a college level Introduction to Astronomy course and place it totally online with both content and laboratory being directed via E-learning.


This is a college level science course that draws upon the principles of physics to explore the universe. It is a fun yet scientifically rigorous course that may be perfect for the student who needs a one semester science course that includes a laboratory experience.

PHYS 180 Introduction to Astronomy

A one-semester course concerned with the investigative tools of the astronomer and the implications of modern astronomical findings. The course begins by examining the nature of the scientific method and by applying that method to a number of key problems from the history of astronomy. It then proceeds to cover the most recent findings as to the nature, origin, and evolution of the planets, stars, galaxies, and the Universe itself. Laboratory work includes observations with the unaided eye and the telescope, and analysis of more complex observations.

High School algebra or MATH 011 recommended.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees are based on 4 semester hours and a $100 DL fee.

Who Should Take This Course Online?

  • Students who work full time and find it difficult to attend classes face-to-face because of time constraints.
  • You must be an excellent student who is comfortable with computers.
  • You should be a self starter and good at following directions.
  • You should have excellent reading comprehension skills. Students who are in developmental courses should not take this course online.
  • High school juniors and seniors wishing to get a jump start on taking college courses.
  • Great for elementary school teachers who always wanted to learn more about astronomy and space exploration for their students!

If you have any questions, please contact Professor
Marc LaBella at

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