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CPE Policies

There are no requirements to attend most noncredit Continuing Education classes for adults. Most classes do not require a high school diploma or GED. Some experience may be necessary. Check course description for details and required prerequisites. Contact CPE for more information.

Continuing Education Units CEU

CEU are awarded for participation in occupations and professional development courses. CEU eligible courses are identified in the course description. Attendance rate of 80% is required in order to recieve CEU. Some courses may require a passing grade in order to receive CEU.

Contact CPE in order to request CEU grade reports.

Certificate Programs

In order to qualify for a Certificate, you must complete all the courses within the Certificate Program successfully.

Email the request for your certificate to

Provide your

  • OCC ID#
  • Your name
  • The name of the certificate you are requesting
  • Your current mailing address

You may request a transcript letter by following this same procedure.

Employer-Sponsored Registration

CPE accepts purchase orders, vouchers, and letters of intent on company letterhead for pre-approved companies only by mail. A completed CPE Registration Form must accompany these documents.

Class Confirmation

Provide CPE with a current email address to receive your course confirmations and registration receipts by email.

If you are registering online, you may print a registration receipt.

It is your responsibility to confirm the start of the course and its room assignment by checking online.

CPE posts the weekly schedule of class meeting times every Friday.

All classes are at OCC, unless otherwise noted.

IMPORTANT Bring your registration receipt/confirmation to the first class. If you register close to the start of the class, your name will not be on the instructor’s attendance sheet. Present your payment receipt for entrance into the class.

Course Changes/Cancellations

CPE reserves the right to cancel a course. Additionally, CPE may change course time, location, or instructor.

If the status of a course is changed, CPE will notify you by email or phone call.

If a course is cancelled, all registered students will be issued a full refund.

Disability Accommodations

Ocean County College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 & the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

If you believe that you are entitled to accommodations based on disability, contact CPE at 732.255.0409.

Present documentation of your disability and accommodations three (3) weeks prior to the beginning of the class for which you are registering.

Emergency Closings

Check the main page or call 732.255.0400 for relevant weather information and its impact on college classes and schedules.

lnformation is broadcast on local radio stations.

OCC Bookstore

Textbooks are available at the OCC Bookstore located in the Jon and Judith Larson Student Center #8 at our Toms River Campus, unless stated otherwise in the course description.

Books may be purchased online from the OCC Bookstore.

OCC Bookstore Phone: 732.255.0333

Parents of Students Under 18

In case of emergency, OCC will administer First Aid and/or arrange for transport to a hospital unless you specify otherwise.

Submit a completed Registration/Health and Waiver Form  with your child’s registration form prior to the camp/course start date or bring it with you on the first day of the camp/course.

Student Misconduct

OCC does not tolerate student misconduct on campus at any time. For a list of misconduct examples, refer to the OCC Student Campus Life Policy #5247.

College administration will address all CPE student misconduct incidents and deal with each situation appropriately.

Refund Policy

CPE will provide a refund for a class ONLY if you withdraw four (4) business days, 8:00AM-4:00PM prior to the start date of the class for which you are registered.

If you are withdrawing due to medical circumstances or personal hardship, CPE requires proper documentation.

Refunds are issued within 2-4 weeks based on the original payment method.

CPE does not issue refunds should you be dismissed from class for misconduct. CPE does not issue refunds for trips or ticketed events. Student substitutions for courses are not allowed.


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