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CPE World Languages Courses

Immerse yourself in another culture with our World Languages course! Call us at 732-255-0409 for registration information.

Whether you are planning a trip to Italy or just want to experience Italian culture, learning the language is a great way to connect with Italy no matter where you are in the world! Learn common greetings, phrases, and sentences used in everyday conversation while experiencing the cuisine, culture, music and art of “Bella Italia.”

REQUIRED: Textbook/available at the OCC Bookstore.

Continue your Italian journey if you are a beginner or gain proficiency in the Italian language with our follow-up course. Practice perfecting your Italian accent. Build your vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills to interact with individuals inside and outside the classroom. Learn about Italian art, culture, heritage, and music.

REQUIRED: Textbook/available at the OCC Bookstore.

Join us to learn the basics of American Sign Language.

Take our combination ASL I & II course and develop basic skills & knowledge to begin communicating in ASL. Focus on core vocabulary, finger spelling, and conversational phrases. Explore the Deaf culture in America and the history of sign language.

Learn Spanish, the second most widely spoken language in the world!

Our course is for beginning students or students who have taken one year or less of high school Spanish. We use the communicative approach to language learning to develop the beginning skills. We provide you with a basic vocabulary that allows you to have simple communicative exchanges. We use audio and computer-based material to reinforce and expand your skills.

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