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Academic Advising Online

Welcome to OCC Summer/Fall 2020 Advising Online

Advising Online is a service that will allow an Advisor to plan your courses for the Summer/Fall 2020 semester!Fill out this questionnaire and an academic advisor will plan classes based on your degree program. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your request is processed.

About You

Please indicate if the following applies to you:
I am in the EOF (Educational Opportunity Fund) programI am in the SSS (Student Support Services) programI am an NJ STARS studentI am a Veteran (or I am using Veterans’ Benefits)I am a student athleteI am an international student on an F1 Visa

About Your Educational Progress and Goals

My Advisor is:
What are your educational goals? Graduate OCC and go right to workGraduate OCC and transfer to a 4-year universityUnsure
What is your current Major?
Would you like to change your major at OCC? If yes, please enter a major.
If applicable, where do you plan to transfer? Kean-OceanStockton UniversityRutgers UniversityNJITNJCUN/AOther If other, please enter the name of the college or university:

Your Upcoming Semesters

How do you plan on paying tuition?
Where would you like to take your classes? (Select all that apply)Toms RiverManahawkin (SEC)Lakewood High SchoolOnline

Summer Registration

How many summer courses would you like to take?
Please indicate the summer sessions you would like to attend:
(Check all that apply) Second Summer Five (June 24-July 28)Accelerated 4 (July 11-August 31)Summer Post (August 3-August 26)Not Sure

Fall Registration

How many fall courses would you like to take?
Please indicate the fall sessions you would like to attend:
(Check all that apply) Fall 15-Week (September 8-December 23)Accelerated 5 (September 8-October 28)Fall Quick Term (October 13-December 23)Accelerated 6 (November 1-December 23)Not Sure

Anything you would like to share with your advisor?

About The Services You'll Receive

  • I understand I will be contacted via my Ocean email with a course plan for summer and/or fall. (Returning and transfer students will be contacted via the personal email provided on this form).
  • I understand that this is a course plan only. I will need to select days and times for my classes and register for my classes.
  • I understand an advisor will be available to help me if I need assistance.
  • For Information About Payments visit


Frequently Asked Questions

Students can choose to study on a full-time (at least 12 or more credits, or typically 4 or more classes) or a part-time basis (11 or less credits).

We recommend that full-time students take 5 classes (15 credits on average) each semester. Students with no developmental requirements can successfully complete their degree requirements in two years (2 Fall and 2 Spring semesters). If a student takes four courses or 12 credits per semester, they can stay on track to graduate within 2 years with additional Winter or Summer study.

Some student populations such as EOF, NJ Stars, and Student Athletes must register for a full-time schedule. Please also note that full-time students need to submit proof of required immunization to the college prior to registering for their second semester at OCC.

Summer terms can be used to “catch up” or repeat courses if needed. Courses offered during these terms cover the same material as their Fall/Spring counterparts in a much shorter period of time. Summer courses are accelerated and are offered in 5, 7.5 or 10 week sessions.

Because these terms are accelerated, students should expect to take less classes than during the Fall and Spring terms.

Students who qualify for financial aid do not have to study on a full-time basis to receive some aid. If you are registered for 6 or more credits, you may receive Federal, State and institutional aid. Taking less than 6 credits will make you eligible for Federal Pell Grants only.

Students who take Summer or Winter classes might be eligible to receive financial aid. Please check your Financial Aid Self-Service or email if you have additional questions.

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