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Seascape 2019-2020

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Connecting Through Art

As we shelter in place during this unprecedented time, we contemplate all of the ways our lives have drastically changed. We miss the engagement of events on campus; we miss chatting over coffee in the student center; we miss the comradery of waiting in classes for them to begin or end. We miss the myriad of small and large experiences that used to be the center of our days at Ocean County College. We miss togetherness and community.

Suddenly, we find ourselves conscious that we are experiencing a major historical event that generations from now will be studying to learn how we reacted, what we choose to do, what we valued, and who we were.

Rather than despair, we create. We write. We paint. We photograph. We express ourselves and document the yearnings for all that we were and all that we hope to be in the future.

We hope that you find some inspiration and solace in this year’s edition of Seascape, and we hope that one day in the distant future, we can reflect back on this unique time and be proud of how we all rose together as one special OCC family.

Professor Jayanti Tamm
Associate Professor of English
Faculty Advisor, Seascape

Seascape is dedicated to all the tireless workers on the frontlines selflessly serving our community during this pandemic.

OCC Alumni and Student First Responders

nursing alumni with face masks and face shield in the hospital

Trisha Apanel

alumni first responder working in a truck

Jorge Beltran-Betancourt

nursing alumni with face masks and hair covering in the hospital

Sabrina Robles

Joseph R. Coklyat

Joseph R. Coklyat

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