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Ask the Career Coordinator

For Students and Alumni

Looking for work? Here are some resources to get you started!!

Visit College Central Network and review the job postings. Are you new to CCN? To sign up, click on “Student”. Click on “Create Account” and use your Ocean Connect to sign up.

Attend OCC’s series of Career Management workshops and learn about resume writing, interviewing, networking, Linked In and much more! Workshop dates will be on Ocean Connect.

Also check out New Jersey Career Connection, the State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce development site. Post your resume with OnRamp and get some job search tips.

Make an appointment to create or update your resume!

Call the Advising Department at 732-255-0300 – For Jobseekers & Employers

For Employers

Recruit for open positions using the College Central Network

Career Services

We offer workshops and individual counseling on topics ranging from career exploration and how to research careers to interviewing skills to negotiating the best job offer. You can meet with the Career Coordinator who will guide you through a series of assessments and discussions to identify your Career Path leading to declaring the right major and degree program that will get you the career job you want!

Students interested in learning more about career exploration can meet with an advisor in the Advising, Transfer and Career Services Office.  We are located in the Administration Building (#1), on the street level floor.  We are open on a walk-in basis (no appointment needed) Monday-Thursday 8:00am-8:00pm and Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.

Advisors will assist students in determining their career advising needs.  Advisors can discuss major exploration and help students decide if they are in the right major for their intended career path.  Advisors can also teach students to use the resources available to them, such as NJ Transfer, Career Coach, College Central Network, and What Can I Do With That Major?

Students who would like more in-depth career advising, such as assessment review, identifying interests and career paths, resume critique, or interview preparation can make an appointment at our front desk with the Career Coordinator or by calling 732-255-0300.

Students who need assistance with resume writing or critique can make an appointment with the Career Coordinator by calling 732-255-0300.

You can access resume help from both Career Coach ad College Central Network on the OCC website. Both sites have templates you can use to capture your information and create a professional resume. In addition, students and alumni who register with College Central Network can read short articles or listen to podcasts on resume writing topics such as, ” The Well-Rounded Resume” and “Know the No-Nos”.

  • To Prepare, not only review your resume but research the company on the internet and try to find the interviews on Linked In. Have multiple copies of your resume ready to take with you.
  • You could have one person or multiple copies of your resume ready to take with you.
  • You could have one person or multiple people who take part in the interview. You may also have more than one interview that could take place days apart. Maintain your professionalism and your enthusiasm!
  • Introduce yourself with a firm handshake, warm smile and make good eye contact. Ask for their business card if they do not initially offer it.
  • Questions are asked that determine your qualification for the job, how motivated you are to perform the job, and what you know about the functions of the job and the company. At the end of the interview, you may be asked, “Do you have any questions?” Always have at least one or two. One of them should be “When will you be making a decision about the candidate you will hire?”
  • When the interview is over, end with another firm handshake and good eye contact.
  • Follow up with personalized thank you emails within 24 hours of the interview restating your enthusiasm about the position and your ability to do it!

Students who need assistance with interviewing skills or preparation can make an appointment with the Career Coordinator by calling 732-255-0300.

An elevator speech is a short speech (less than 1 minute, typically 15-30 seconds) that tells who you are, your field of interest, and what you are looking to do. It is used in a variety of networking environments.

Linked In is a free professional networking site where you can create a profile that is more in-depth than your resume. It also allows you to “link” (connect with) other professionals to share information and leads. What Facebook is to your social life, Linked In is your professional life. In addition, many companies only post their job leads on Linked IN and search through profiles for the right match to their job postings. You can join up at and follow the instructions to create your profile. Or you can attend the OCC Linked In workshop or set up an individual session with our Career Coordinator. Call 732-255-0300

One way employers find out about your personality is to conduct an Internet search of your name.

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