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Course Withdrawals

A student may withdraw or be withdrawn from a course, the guidelines below will assist students in this process. Students are strongly advised to check with their advisors and/or financial aid before withdrawing.

Census Date: The census date is a set by the college and typically marks the end of the add/drop period. On this day, the college takes a “snapshot” of all students’ enrollment which becomes the “official enrollment” that is used for both state reporting and financial aid eligibility.

Drop: During the add/drop period, a student is permitted to drop a course, removing it from their schedule and transcript entirely. Please be aware of our Refund Policy.

Withdraw: A student may withdraw, or be administratively withdrawn from a class, resulting in the grade of a ‘W’ in the course on the student’s transcript. A grade of W does not calculate into a student’s GPA.

F to W Appeals: These requests are accepted and reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee. Students who have missed the course withdrawal deadline and received an F grade in the course(s) because of an extenuating circumstance, can submit an appeal and supporting documentation for review. Approved appeals will allow the college to change the failure grades to withdrawals. Use this link to submit an F to W Appeal Request Form.

A student may be withdrawn for non-attendance until the census date. A student may drop a course until the term census date. Once the term census date has passed, a student may withdraw from a course up until and including on the withdrawal date.

It is important that you speak with the Financial Aid office before withdrawing from any course as it may have an impact on eligibility and/or billing.

Withdrawal Instructions:

  • Log into Ocean Connect and click on Web Advisor.
  • After clicking on ‘Students’ you should see “Request Withdrawal” under the first section.
  • Only those courses eligible for withdrawal at this time will be seen.
    • Students wishing to withdraw from lab science courses must withdraw from both the lecture AND lab.
  • Check the course section to withdraw from, click submit.
  • You will then see a confirmation page where you must check that you have read the important information and officially submit the withdrawal.
    • If you close the process window without checking the CONFIRM WITHDRAWAL box and/or clicking the final SUBMIT button, your request will be CANCELLED.
  • A professor’s consent is no longer required for withdrawal. Therefore, once you confirm the withdrawal electronically, it is active instantaneously.


Make sure to review the registration calendar which outlines all the important dates such as the add/drop period and the withdrawal deadline for each term.


Still have questions? Take a look at our official withdrawal policy. If you encounter any issues during the withdrawal process, please reach out to the Registration & Records office at

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