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Successful transfer from OCC requires planning.

The Advising and Transfer Services staff can help you:

  • Access information on two- and four-year colleges/universities
  • Plan your course of study to parallel the first two years at the four-year institution where you plan to transfer

Students interested in transferring should meet with an advisor early in their career with OCC. For more information, view a tutorial on how to use NJ Transfer.

New Jersey – Transfer Law

New Jersey has a state-wide agreement to assist students with transfer from a community college to a 4-year public institution. Under the Lampitt Law, community college students who complete an AA or AS degree will receive half of the credits needed for graduation with a bachelor’s degree. Careful planning is essential for a smooth and efficient transfer experience.

  • The law only covers students who graduate from an AA or AS programs. AAS programs are generally considered to be terminal. These career programs are meant for students to go directly into the workforce upon completion.
  • Typically, students will want to match their degree programs (e.g. AA in Liberal Arts to BA in Psychology). When a student changes degree program intentions (BA to BS) after finishing a degree, the law still applies to general education coursework; however, additional courses might be necessary to complete the bachelor’s degree.
  • Some majors at the four-year college will take more than an additional two years to complete because the programs require more than 120-128 credits (Architecture and Engineering are two examples.)
  • The law does not guarantee acceptance to college. Students must still apply and be granted admission, which can be competitive and require specific coursework and/or GPA (e.g. business, teaching, and engineering, among other programs).
  • Meet with an advisor to discuss your goals and the best associate’s degree for you.
  • Begin researching institutions.
  • Choose courses carefully for your degree program, utilizing NJ Transfer. The
    “Transfer Programs” function on NJ Transfer is best suited for student planning.

Contact the Ocean County College Academic Advising Office at 732.255.0300 or email Laura Wills, Coordinator of Transfer Services, at

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Contact Us!

For more information, contact the Advising and Transfer Services Office at 732-255-0300 or visit us in the Student Enrollment Building, Bldg #9.

Students can also schedule an appointment, virtually or in person.

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