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General Tutoring Center

The General Tutoring Center will be offering both in-person and online synchronous tutoring sessions for Spring 2023 based on tutor expertise and availability. The General Tutoring Center is supporting HIST-171/172/173/174/181/182/191 for SPR23. If you are looking for writing or STEM support, click either the Writing Center or STEM Center link above. If, once this page is updated, you are looking for support in a course that we do not currently support, please follow the link to complete the Tutoring Suggestion Form.

Scroll down for specific instructions on how to schedule your tutoring sessions!

Please schedule all tutoring sessions with the full intent of attending. Students that accumulate three no-shows in a semester will be restricted from scheduling their own sessions and will need to contact the appropriate service area to schedule appointments. Appointments must be canceled at least 12 hours in advance. This can be done in TracCloud, or by calling 732-255-0400 ext. 2431.

Tutoring Suggestion Form

Tutoring sessions are 1-on-1 and approximately 45 minutes long. Online synchronous sessions are conducted through Webex. Students are currently limited to one tutoring session per day per course but are welcome to schedule sessions for multiple classes on the same day. Follow the instructions below to make an appointment. Fill out the form above if you are looking for tutoring support in other courses.

  • Login to Ocean Connect
  • Click on the button that reads “Tutoring Appointments”; a new window will open with the TracCloud home page
  • Locate the box labeled “Schedule an Appointment”
  • “Find first available immediately” will already be selected. Choose your course from the drop-down menu and click search
  • You will see all available tutoring appointments for that course, with the soonest availabilities at the top. Pay attention to the type of session (1-on-1, group, etc.), if the availability is online only or flexible, and the center of the appointment
  • Click on the appointment that you would like to schedule. NOTE: If you do not see the availability that you are looking for, click Report Unable to Find an Appointment and let us know!
  • Confirm that the time looks correct, check the box if you would like an online session (if applicable), and let your tutor know what topics you would like to cover in the session
  • Click Confirm to save the appointment. A confirmation email will be sent to your OCC student email within a few minutes
  • You will join your session through TracCloud. You will receive a notification along the top of TracCloud when your session is ready to join. This will appear starting five minutes before the scheduled start time
  • Click on the icon on the right of the notification to join your session

Please be sure that you have the necessary information/materials ready for your session, and that you have specific questions for your tutor.

  • Access TracCloud through the Ocean Connect menu
  • On the TracCloud main menu, you should see your upcoming appointments on the right side
  • Click on the X on the appointment that you are trying to cancel
  • You should receive an email confirming your cancellation

NOTE: All sessions must be cancelled at least 12 hours in advance. If you are having trouble cancelling your session in TracCloud, please call 732-255-0400 ext. 2431

Our tutors have been and will continue to upload resources to Canvas. All students are automatically enrolled in the General Tutoring Center Canvas course! You should see the course in Canvas among your other courses.

Questions? Contact The General Tutoring Center!

If you are having difficulties setting up an appointment, please call 732-255-0400 ext. 2431.

For general questions regarding tutoring, please call 732-255-0400 ext. 2967.

Or, email

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