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Developing a Topic (2:57) Walkthrough of techniques to aid in developing a topic that can be effectively researched (by James Marshall)
Choosing Keywords (2:15) Explains why keywords are important and suggestions for how to develop them (by James Marshall)
Keywords and Databases (4:58) Explanation of logical operators and their importance, as well as examples of narrowing or broadening a database search (by James Marshall)
Popular and Scholarly Sources (2:36) Details the difference between popular and scholarly sources, their characteristics, and their uses (by James Marshall)
Primary and Secondary Sources (2:48) Details the difference between primary and secondary sources, their characteristics, and examples for different fields of study (by James Marshall)
Citation Basics (1:32) A quick look at what a citation is, why they are used, and some components (by James Marshall)
Using Citations (7:30) Examines search techniques to use Reference Lists to find related resources; shows examples of Bibliographic Mining and Cited Reference Searching (by James Marshall)
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All student organization program planning must be done in coordination with the Student Life Office. There are more than 40 active student groups on campus, making it necessary to balance the needs of all student groups without duplicating efforts.

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