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Watch OCC Jazz Band Spring 2015 Interviewed on TV-20, “OCC Ocean Currents”

Joining Jazz Band

  • Students must audition and be interviewed prior to acceptance into the jazz band
  • Students who are not ready to join the band can register for MUSC-139 ‘Intro To Jazz Performance’, which can prepare them for entrance into the jazz band in the following semester
OCC Jazz Band

Focus of Jazz Band

The jazz band of each semester is treated as a unique group, each member bringing their own strengths and style to the band. The combination of unique individuals forms a unique sounding band. Music chosen for each semester is based on this and how to highlight and feature the idiosyncrasies of each musician. Band members are given much latitude and encouraged to experiment and find their own ‘musical voice.

Focus of Jazz Band


Performing in music is far more fulfilling and fun when you are excellent at it, and the attainment of excellence requires personal discipline and work. We maintain a high standard of excellence, which requires each band members’ commitment to:

  • Completing weekly music assignments (which prepares students for rehearsals).
  • Punctual attendance, with a positive attitude, and full engagement at rehearsals.
  • Punctual attendance, with a positive attitude, and full engagement at performances.
  • A personal drive to improve one’s own level of musicianship and skill.

Rehearsals/ Performances

  • The jazz band has one rehearsal per week, currently Wednesday evenings in the band room in the Grunin Center For The Arts.
  • There may be times due to upcoming performance when rehearsal goes overtime. Students should allow for this on any given week should the need arise.
  • Members are expected to be at every rehearsal and every performance with the exception of a death in the family, or a significant medical issue.
  • All band members will be given weekly music practice assignments which must be mastered by the next rehearsal.
  • Band members are to maintain good relationships with other members of the band. Any developing problems should be brought to the attention of Professor Marowitz for help in their speedy resolution. Strained relationships in a band could result in the “death” of the band. Anything that damages the morale of band members will not be tolerated.
  • The director values input from band members and shares decision making with the band, however, it is understood that the director has final say on all matters regarding the band, musical and otherwise.

 *Students who cannot commit to and comply with all of the above points should not join jazz band. Failure to comply with the above could result in expulsion from the band.

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