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Visiting and Non-Degree Students

Students from other colleges and universities or individuals pursuing new interests may register for courses at OCC.

Visiting or Non-Degree students do not have to prove that they have taken the prerequisite(s) required for a particular course. Visiting students accept responsibility for the transferability of courses.

Visiting or Non-Degree students will be given access to register online through the following steps:

  1. Complete an Application for Admission by applying online.
  2. When asked to indicate your anticipated Enrollment Status, answer Visiting Student (currently attending another College/University) or Non-Degree.
  3. Requesting permission to register online:
    1. Visiting Students must prove that they are current, valid students. Please use your school-issued e-mail account to send a copy of your unofficial transcript to
    2. Non-Degree students must send their request in an e-mail to
  4. Once you are informed you have access to register online, you will use your school-issued Ocean Connect account to register for classes (You are limited to 11 credits before you must declare a degree). Review Online Registration Instructions before registering.
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