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Health & Human Performance Center (HPEC)

Health & Human Performance Center 2

Building History

(1967): The Health and Physical Education Center, providing instructional areas for men and women, contains a regulation intercollegiate basketball court, a multipurpose room, classrooms, and offices. Shower and locker facilities and outdoor athletic fields permit the inclusion of a complete health and physical education program in the curriculum. (Expanded in 1974)

Also available are the following:

  • “Open Gym” schedules
  • Fitness Center Schedule
  • Athletic Trainer’s Office
  • Team and Individual Intramural Programs

Offices and Services Inside

Athletic Department100
Fitness Center120
Gymnasium130 A/B

Parking for Building

Parking Lot 2

Disability Access

A handicap ramp is located near the front entrance of the Health and Human Performance building. Electric doors are located at the front entrance.

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