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Civility Statement

Ocean County College defines civility primarily as the demonstration of respect for others, basic courtesy, reciprocity (treating others as we wish to be treated), and behaviors that create a positive environment in which to learn and to work.

The Trustees of the College and the College Administration set the tone for civil behavior through their professional conduct and their leadership of the institution. All members of the College community create a positive environment characterized by considerate and principled conduct.

While no civility statement can guarantee considerate and principled conduct, the values set forth herein represent institutional ideals and should serve as guideposts:

    1. Respect for the work of all persons.
    2. Courteous discourse (oral, verbal, non-verbal and electronic).
    3. Honest interactions and utterances.
    4. Fair and just treatment.
    5. Integrity and keeping promises.
    6. Commitment to the community college philosophy: Access, transfer, career preparation, workforce development, partnering, and community outreach.  View OCC’s mission and vision.
    7. Open professional communications.
    8. Diversity, professionalism, and collegiality.
    9. Free expression of views without meanness or a desire to do harm.
    10. While understanding the constitutionally-protected right to freedom of speech in America, being brave enough to call out discriminatory, mean, and/or hurtful speech and action when heard or seen.
    11. Zero tolerance for any forms of cyber stalking, cyber bullying, or cyber sexual harassment (see the Attorney General’s letter).
    12. A culture of honor that enhances our students’ ethical and moral development and clearly communicates and consistently adheres to the definitions of and sanctions for academic dishonesty.

These ideals are consistently modeled by those in leadership positions – in the administration, staff, faculty, and student body – and should provide direction for all members of the college community.

Campus Civility Contact

Tracey Donaldson
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Telephone: (732)255-0400 x2150

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