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Academic Assessment

Assessment is the collection and analysis of direct and indirect evidence to improve student learning and the student experience at Ocean County College.

General Education Assessment

New Jersey colleges are responsible for offering a general education program, whose learning outcomes facilitate attainment of all NJCCC General Education Learning Goals.  Course-level learning outcomes must be consistent with the Institutional Learning Outcomes that fulfill the NJCC Gen Ed Learning Goals.  Ocean County College has established eleven College-Wide Learning Outcomes that are assessed through the General Education Assessment. The General Education learning outcomes are assessed using rubrics based on the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) VALUE Rubrics.

Program Evaluation

OCC conducts periodic assessment of the effectiveness of its programs providing student learning opportunities. Academic program review provides on-going, faculty-based evaluation for the purpose of improving the quality of the college’s instructional programs and ensuring that outcomes achieved are consistent with the mission and goals of the institution. Academic degree programs will complete a Program Review Report after three full years of enrollment and then every five years. The reports follow a standardized template that is aligned with the institutional priorities in the strategic plan.

Program Updates will be completed every year by the Assessment Office to leverage the data collected annually by Institutional Research and ensure it is shared with stakeholders. These reports aggregate recommendations from program review reports, objective measures, and the CLNA process to drive continuous improvement of OCC’s degree programs.

Deep Data Course Assessment

The Assessment Office, in conjunction with Academic Affairs conducts course level assessment in “Deep Data” courses.  This process links course-level and program-level assessment, through this streamlined process, IPEC is able to gather stronger assessment results while reducing redundant assessment data.  Course-Level Assessment will be conducted in designated “Deep Data” courses that are selected from the required courses within a program of.  The deep data course reviews will collectively meet all of the Program-Level Outcomes.  Some programs may require multiple “Deep Data” courses to meet all Program Outcomes, and some programs may have a natural capstone that addresses all of a Program’s Learning Outcome.

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