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Identify as LGBTQ+?

Need a welcoming and accepting space?

Find an ALLY on campus – Look for the rainbow sails

Contact: Jen Fazio, Director of Student Life, Ocean Pride Advisor

Contact: Michelle Youngs, Assistant Director of Student Life, Ocean Pride Advisor

I am Ally
Ally Location Email
Bar, Rosann BART (Bldg 2) Room 221
Carmody, Nanci GATE (Bldg 101) Room 310
Carroll, Tricia HPEC(Bldg 29) Room G106
Chalakani, Paul GRUN (Bldg 11) Room 10
Cohen, Ilene HPEC (Bldg 29) Room 113
D’Amore, Jacqueline LIBR (Bldg 3) Room 003
Costanza, Deb BART (Bldg 2) Room B210
Ebeling-Witte,Susan LIBR (Bldg 3) Room 010F
Fazio, Jennifer LARS (Bldg 8) Room 208
Gargone, Karin GRUN (Bldg 11) Room 115
Gioxaris, Michele GRUN (Bldg 11) Room 115
Ghibesi, Jason BART (Bldg 2) Room 309
Guevera-Lovgren, Veronica ADMN (Bldg 1)Rm. A024
Irwin, Allison LARS (Bldg 8) Room L205
Kralik, Marilyn GATE (Bldg 101) Room 208
LaMonica, Darlene HPEC(Bldg 29) Room G10
LaSota, Debra ADMN (Bldg 1) Room 105
Lee-Vasquez, Debra ADMN(Bldg 1) Room 210
Mohr, Kate SEB (Bldg. 9) Rm. 116C
Noone, Alison RUSS (Bldg. 7) Room 112
Olivares, Jose GRUN (Bldg 11) Room 115
Pandolpho, Kate LIBR (Bldg 3) Room 010F
Pontoriero, Catherine LIBR (Bldg 3) Room 109
Press, Joy ADMIN (Bldg 1) Room 020
Ramdeen, Vijay HIER (Bldg 27) Room 234
Rickards, Laura GRUN (Bldg 11) Room 116
Rosinski-Kauz, Donna LIBR (Bldg 3) Room 200B
Sheridan, Heidi GRUN (Bldg 11) Rm. 209
Stroman, Sydney SWC (Bldg 30) Room S103
Walsh, Tracey HOVN (Bldg 104) Room 222
Willetts-Brierley, Beth GRUN (Bldg 11) Room 105
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