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Identify as LGBTQ+?

Need a welcoming and accepting space?

Find an ALLY on campus – Look for the rainbow sails

Primary Contact: Megan Miskin, Assistant Director EOF & C4AE
Phone: 732 255 0400 x2027

I am Ally
Bar, RosannBART (Bldg 2) Room
Carmody, NanciADMN (Bldg 1) Room
Carroll, TriciaHPEC(Bldg 29) Room
Chalakani, PaulGRUN (Bldg 11) Room
Cohen, IleneHPEC (Bldg 29) Room
D’Amore, JacquelineGRUN (Bldg 11) Room C102
Costanza, DebBART (Bldg 2) Room
Ebeling-Witte,SusanICCT(Bldg 22) Room
Fazio, JenniferLARS (Bldg 8) Room
Gargone, KarinGRUN (Bldg 11) Room
Gioxaris, MicheleGRUN (Bldg 11) Room
Ghibesi, JasonBART (Bldg 2) Room
Guevera-Lovgren, VeronicaLIBR (Bldg 3) Room
Irwin, AllisonLARS (Bldg 8) Room
Kennedy, MatthewWARE (Bldg 66) Room
Kralik, MarilynGATE (Bldg 101) Room
LaMonica, DarleneHPEC(Bldg 29) Room
LaSota, DebraADMN (Bldg 1) Room
Lee-Vasquez, DebraADMN(Bldg 1) Room
Mawer, BarbaraCCTR(Bldg 9) Room
McHale, NealLARS(Bldg 8) Room
Miskin, MeganGRUN (Bldg 11) Room
Mohr, KateADMN(Bldg 1) Room
Noone, AlisonLARS (Bldg 8) Room
Olivares, JoseGRUN (Bldg 11) Room
Pandolpho, KateICCT (Bldg 22) Room
Paradiso, MariaBART(Bldg 2) Room
Parker, MeganBART (Bldg 3) Room
Pontoriero, CatherineLIBR (Bldg 3) Room
Press, JoyLARS (Bldg 8) Room
Ramdeen, VijayHIER (Bldg 27) Room
Rickards, LauraGRUN (Bldg 11) Room
Rosinski-Kauz, DonnaLIBR (Bldg 3) Room
Sheridan, HeidiRUSS(Bldg 7) Room
Stroman, SydneySWC (Bldg 30) Room
Trump, AJLARS (Bldg 8) Room
Walsh, TraceyHSB(Bldg 4) Room
Willetts-Brierley, BethGRUN (Bldg 11) Room
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