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Terms of Consent
I hereby consent to the use and license of my recorded name, likeness, voice, performance, biography, and/or composition by Ocean County College in producing and/or promotion of a college publication/video/TV broadcast/advertisement/public service announcement and in all versions and adaptations thereof, to be used for any and all purposes. I acknowledge that my performance may be edited as desired. I agree that the program and the copyright shall belong to Ocean County College and shall be free from any claim hereto by myself. I hereby waive and forego any compensation for my appearance in the publication, production, broadcast, rebroadcast, reproduction of the program or any portion of the program and/or commercial materials; and I hereby release Ocean County College and its subcontractors or any of its affiliates, from any liability arising from the use of this program material and/or commercial materials created by Ocean County College or furnished by me in connection with its production. I am 18 years of age or older.

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