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Gainful Employment

Certificate Programs at OCC

Certificate programs are designed to equip students with skills for immediate employment in a wide range of job possibilities. Certificates of Proficiency require 30 or more credits, while Certificates of Completion require a fewer number of credits.

Program TitleCreditsCIP Code
Accounting(33 c.h.)520301
Administrative Office Management /Word Processing(33 c.h.)520401
Business Studies(21 c.h.)520201
Computer Graphics(16 c.h.)500499
Criminal Justice(34 c.h.)430107
Exercise Science(33 c.h.)310505
Fire Science(32 c.h.)430201
Information Technology Certificate of Completion(18 c.h.)110301
Information Technology Certificate of Proficiency(33 c.h.)110301
Legal Secretary(20 c.h.)520402
Paralegal Studies(33 c.h.)220302
Small Business Management(33 c.h.)520701
Teacher Aide(21 c.h.)131501
Visual Communications
(34 c.h.)500402
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