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Welcome from the Dean

Heidi Sheridan

Heidi Sheridan

The School of Arts and Humanities is home to 32 full-time faculty and over 130 adjunct faculty members.

Welcome to the School of Arts and Humanities!  Many of the courses during the first two years of college, whether general education requirements or electives, come from this school. Courses include the subjects of English, History & Art History, the Fine and Performing Arts (art, dance, music, theater), Philosophy, Media and Design Studies, Communications, and Foreign Languages.  These courses are designed to broaden students’ perspectives generally through the experience of humanistic study while also providing students with the critical thinking skills needed for academic success. The School of Arts and Humanities also houses the specialized courses for the American Sign Language program.


Prepare to transfer to a four-year institution or the workforce. Many of our certificate programs can be built into our degree programs.



Our administration is here to assist you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our doors are always open to students to meet their needs and address their concerns and suggestions.


Dean of School of Arts and Humanities
Ext. 2190


Our faculty are not only experts in their content area, but have a student-centered focus and a true dedication to the development and personal success of their students. Our faculty bring years of academic and real-life experience into the classroom

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