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The Technology Preparation (Tech Prep) program, a rigorous and focused course of study, is designed to provide the middle fifty percent of the student population with both the essential academic and technical foundations, including necessary workplace skills such as problem solving, teamwork and the responsibility necessary for twenty-first century careers and a lifetime of learning.

Much of the nation’s economic well being in the years ahead will depend upon the full development and use of its most precious asset: people. We cannot afford to waste a single mind or a single person who has a will to work. The goal is to create a network of programs that will enable students to reach their full potential.

A well developed mind, a passion to learn, and the ability to put knowledge to work are the keys to the future for young people. The success of businesses and the economic well being of the nation depends upon this.

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What is Tech Prep?
  • A four-year articulated educational program that begins in the junior year of high school and continues through the first two years of college and beyond.
  • A partnership between Ocean County College (OCC), fifteen Ocean County comprehensive high schools, the Ocean County Vocational Technical Schools, business, industry, and government.
  • The partnership links the high schools with OCC programs that result in workers with job-specific skills that enable them to work in a technologically advanced career, as well as being lifelong learners.
  • Eliminates duplication of courses in high school and the community college.
  • Recognizes the importance of careers and career skills making learning relevant.
  • Allows youth to obtain high-skill, high wage jobs.
  • Students who complete a Tech Prep program may begin their career or transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program at a four-year school.

For more information call 732.255.0477.

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