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Seascape Literary Magazine

Connecting Through Art

A Word From the Editors:

Welcome to the Spring 2023 edition of Seascape Magazine here at Ocean County College!  We would like to thank everyone who submitted their work to us this season.  Whether your work was accepted for publication or not, we want you to know that we are so grateful for your contributions!  Here at OCC, every voice matters!  We hear you, we see you, and we appreciate you!

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Professor Jayanti Tamm, without whom this magazine would not be possible.  Thank you for always holding us to a high standard, and for inspiring with your leadership and dedication every day.  We want to say thank you as well to Professor Bard and his gifted Art students for creating our flyers and submitting their amazing creations!  We also want to say thank you so much to Professor Cicere and to Student Life as well!  And, last but not least, we want to say thank you to our publisher Roelynn Litho for guiding us through the publication process and creating such a beautiful magazine for us!  We salute you!  Without further adieu, we present to you the 2023 edition of Seascape Magazine!

Shauna McCahill and Caitlin McGlynn

Seascape 2022 – 2023

Seascape Magazine Cover 2022-2023

Co-Editor:  Shauna McCahill
Co-Editor:  Caitlin McGlynn
Editorial Board:  Rebecca Menninger
Front & Back Cover:  Lisa Stansbury
Advisor:  Professor Tamm
Layout Consultant: Roelynn Litho Inc.

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