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Seascape Literary Magazine

Connecting Through Art

To you, the reader-

Within these pages, you’ll find the very heart and soul of Ocean County College’s student’s creative minds.  Whether it be in their excellence in telling stories, their mastery over art, their skill with a camera, or their ingenuity with words, no selection here was chosen by accident.  With the honor of being the Editor-in-Chief for this year’s edition of Seascape, as well as with the help of my Assistant Editor ThereseAnne Tocci, and our fellow editor and friend Shawn Kret, we’ve compiled the very book you now hold in your hands.  This year has been what I think for many can hopefully be described as a “return to form” after the turmoil we’ve gone through as of late, and with that, we invite you to witness just how those times have brought us into this new era of reformation.  So whether you submitted, won our annual contest, or just picked up the book because the cover looked cool, (seriously, doesn’t it?) I would like to personally thank you for your interest and contribution.

I’d of course also like to thank Seascape’s wonderful advisor, Professor Tamm, who put her faith in me being the right person for the job.  I cannot stress enough how much that meant to me.  Many thanks also to Mrs. Jennifer Fazio, Mr. Neal McHale, and all members of Student Life for their support and contributions to the construction of the magazine.  My thanks also go out to Professor Bard and Professor Cecere for helping fill our pages with the outstanding work their students have created.  Thank you Roelynn Litho Inc. for being the ones to help put this book together and present the final product.  And finally, thank you to last year’s editors Kaitlin Clutter and Josephine O’Grady, whose guidance paved the way for my work this year, as well as this year’s editors, TA and Shawn.  This was not something I could have done alone, and I’d like to thank everyone involved one last time.  I sincerely hope you enjoy this year’s edition of Seascape, and use it to remind yourself that your potential is greater than you realize.

Much Love,
Eric Noon

Seascape 2021 – 2022

Seascape Magazine Cover 2021-2022

Editor-in-Chief: Eric Noon
Executive Editor:  ThereseAnne Tocci
Editor:  Shawn Kret
Layout Consultant:
Roelynn Litho Inc.
Advisor: Professor Tamm
Front Cover: David Spinrad
Rear Cover: Amber Smith
Logo Design: Sean Petschulat

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