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Alpha, Alpha, Alpha: Gamma Psi Chapter

Tri-Alpha logo

Ocean County College is proud to announce the formation of Alpha Alpha Alpha, an honor society recognizing the achievements of first-generation students. Our chapter Gamma Psi is only the second New Jersey county college chapter.

Unique to Tri-Alpha is its inclusion of students, faculty, and staff for membership.

To qualify for the Gamma Psi Chapter of Alpha, Alpha, Alpha you’ll need:

  • At least 30 credits earned
  • A 3.2 or higher GPA
  • To be a first generation college student

*Parent – is understood with inclusive meaning and identifies the person(s) who raised and cared for you.

If you earned a college degree before your birth, adoptive, custodial, or foster parents of more than three years, you meet the qualifications of being a first-generation college student. If you are an emancipated minor or a ward of the court, you are automatically qualified as a first-generation student. We recognize and honor these and other parenting and family relationships.

If your current family structure does not meet any of the qualifications above, please contact, Laura Rickards.

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